Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Our candidate for Father of the Year.

INDIANAPOLIS—A man was arrested after police said he left his 5-year-old son in a tractor-trailer while he ducked into an Indianapolis strip club to drink. The 39-year-old was arrested at 1:15 a.m. Tuesday on child neglect and public intoxication charges after calling police to report his truck stolen and his child missing. Police said the man was too drunk to remember where he had parked.

They found the boy inside watching cartoons on a television inside the cab. The keys were in the ignition, and the doors were unlocked.

Police said the suspect put his son in jeopardy by leaving him exposed in a high crime area.

The man was taken to the Marion County jail, where his wife picked up him and the child.

Daddy...the MORON!

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Sings-With-Spirits said...

In related news, the body of a 39-year old tractor-trailer driver was found near a police station in Indianapolis, indiana.

Police investigators will not reveal the man's identity or condition except to mention that his glutes were located near and around his head. boot print impressions found on them were matched to a woman's boot, possibly someone who, based on wear patterns, gave birth approximately five years prior.

"We're flabbergasted." Said a police spokesman over at the Down Street Dunkin Donuts. "We expect to find more clues when we resume our investigation after the Thanksgiving holidays."

The victim is survived by a wife and five years old son who says that he likes to watch late-night cartoons in his father's cab.