Thursday, January 29, 2009

Cloning dogs is cheaper!

This sounds like something out of the movie "The 6th Day" with Arnold "The Governator" Schwarzenneger...

SEOUL (Reuters) - Cloning a Chow Chow is expected to be easier and perhaps as much as 50 percent less costly, a South Korean biotech firm said Thursday as it unveiled a new cloning technology.

But pet owners -- who have to shell out $100,000 or more to clone a pet dog -- will still have to pay tens of thousands of dollars if they want to clone their beloved dogs and should be prepared for long waits because most commercial canine cloning is for working animals including sniffer dogs at airports.

RNL Bio said it has developed a new method to clone dogs using stem cells derived from fat tissue that greatly increases the likelihood of success.

It added the new technology can also help in studying treatments of genetic disorders in canines that have similarities to human illnesses including diabetes.

"If we fully develop this technology, dog cloning will be much easier than now. We can reduce the cost for cloning," said Ra Jeongchan, the chief executive of Seoul-based RNL Bio.

Ra, which is applying for a patent, said two cloned beagle puppies were born in the past week using this method which could reduce the cost of cloning a pet dog to about $50,000 within three years.

More on this dog story here!

$50,000 to clone a dog!!!!!
Jeez!!!! What are they made!?

If you want a dog, adopt one! It's free!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Space...The Final Frontier...

Gene Roddenberry and Majel Barrett Roddenberry will finally go where no one has gone before, at least in death.

Celestis, the company that flew Gene's ashes to space in 1997, will do it again, this time adding Majel Roddenberry's ashes. Majel, who played Number One in the original Star Trek pilot and later Nurse Christine Chapel in the original series, Ambassador Lwaxana Troi in Next Generation and Deep Space Nine series and the voice of the computer thru out all incarnations of the series, died in December 2008 from Leukemia.

Susan Schonfeld, a Celestis spokeperson, added the it was the express wishes of the couple that their ashes be flown to space in special capsules, to be sent further out, never to return to Earth, surrounded by digitilized tributes from fans the world over.

This will take place next year, according to Schonfeld.

I wonder, if the capsules are ever encountered by an intelligent race in outer space; What are they going to make of this bizarre funerary ritual?

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Marvel Comics in legal trouble!

Looks like problems in the "House of Ideas"!

The shareholders of Stan Lee Media, Inc. filed suit yesterday against Stan Lee, his wife, Marvel Comics, Marvel Chairman Issac Perlmutter, and former Marvel chief executive officer Avi Arad, for over $750 million! That's about half the proceeds of Spider-Man, Iron Man, and X-Men.

According to the suit, Lee, Permutter, Arad and Marvel denied Stan Lee Media shareholders their rights in ownership to 50% of the characters created by Lee. This is apparently the result of Lee transferring all of his interest in the characters he created for Marvel over to Stan Lee Media back in 1998.

Now, Stan Lee Media shareholders claim that Lee and the others “improperly colluded to hide and misappropriate financial interests in Lee's creations assigned to Stan Lee Media in 1998 and reaffirmed in 1999.”

They claim that the money Lee was paid should have gone to the company.

Marvel filed a response stating the suit was filled with "ridiculous claims" and argues that the suit is seeking claims from past cases

The company's attorney, Martin Garbus, said "It's a very different lawsuit. It's different money." Adding, that Lee "made a deal. That money should have gone to the corporation."

Forget The Hulk...


Watchmen - Japanese Movie Trailer

How come the Japanese have a cooler "Watchmen" Trailer?

Is it cool or what?

At 10 years of Dr. Manhattan...

We all live in his shadow! Watch this NBS broadcast from March 11, 1970



Monday, January 26, 2009

This is not Downtown Orlando...This is GUAYNABO!!! (Or Wowbeet, badly translated.)

Madness and stupidity always go hand in hand in this our strange little piece of land on this part of the world
It seem that now, the rage among New Progressive Party mayors is to translate the street names, common traffic signs and towns to English, a language that the majority of the people in this island may understand, but not speak fluently and, here comes the punchline, the majority of the mayors don't even understand the language themselves. The guy who came up with this stupendous idea, mayor Hector O'Neill of Guaynabo, don't even know how to speak the language of Shakespeare! And all the signs in his town are in English!!! If you ask the guy what does he do for a living, he will probably say..."I live in Guaynabo!"

Wot! Forsooth!!! Egad!!!!

So in order to mantain this stupidity alive,and to have a few laughs at other peoples expense, we happy few here at the Les'Shyerar Laboratories and Fried Chicken Shack have come up with a few suggestions for translating towns and counties in Puerto Rico, so our bretheren will gasp in astonishment and our benevolent overlords in the Metropolis will LTAO (Laugh Their Asses Off!).

Original - Translation

Puerto Rico - Rich Port
San Juan - Saint John
San Lorenzo - Saint Lawrence
Bayamón - HeyMon!
Guayama - ScratchMore or ScratchMom
Loíza - LowRaise
Ponce - Ponce is Ponce. The rest is parking space!
Aguadilla - Little water
Aguada- Big water
Toa Baja - All Down
Toa Alta - All Up
Guaynabo - WowBeet!
Santa Isabel - Saint Elizabeth
Juana Díaz - Joan Days
Río Piedras - Stone River
Vega Alta - High Valley
Vega Baja - Low Valley
Isla de Culebra - Snake Island (This sounds like something out of a GI-JOE Cartoon!)
Isla de Mona - Female Chimp Island
Isla de Monito - Little Chimp Island
Isla de Desecheo - Refuse Island
Isla de Caja de Muerto - Casket Island
Isla de Gilligan - Hey! That's too easy! And yes, one of our little islands is called "Gilligan's Island"!

So have fun and see how many stupid names you can come up with. maybe in four years you'll become Mayor!


Photo: Carlos Giusti / Primera Hora

Sunday, January 25, 2009

And the Box Office Champion this week is...

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – The Kevin James comedy "Paul Blart: Mall Cop" captured the top spot at the North American box office for a second week in a row, beating back a challenge by the vampires and werewolves of "Underworld: Rise of the Lycans."
"Mall Cop," which stars James as a bumbling shopping mall security guard who takes on a gang of high-tech crooks, sold an estimated $21.5 million in tickets over the weekend and has now taken in a strong total of $64.8 million in two weeks, distributor Columbia Pictures said on Sunday.
James, the star of the sitcom "The King of Queens," also co-wrote and co-produced "Mall Cop," which was made for a modest $26 million and has become a major box office hit despite taking a drubbing from critics.
"This movie was not made for the critics, it was made for the audience, and that certainly paid off," said Paul Dergarabedian, president of the box office tracking and analysis firm Media By Numbers.
"Its going to be a $100 million-plus movie now and I don't think anybody thought that was possible," he said.
Dergarabedian said that the success of "Cop" meant that "Kevin James is now a bona fide movie star" after nine years on television and in mostly sidekick film roles.
"Underworld," the third film in an action series chronicling a centuries-old battle between vampires and werewolves, also had a strong debut, falling just short of the top spot with $20.7 million.
Dergarabedian said "Underworld" had proven to be a reliable franchise, after the first two films claimed the top spot.
"The only reason this one didn't was because the vampires and werewolves had Paul Blart to contend with," he said.
In third place was Clint Eastwood's gritty suburban drama "Gran Torino," which took in $16 million to run its total to date to $97.6 million.
This weekend's box office tally also reflected the Oscar nominations, which gave a significant bounce to most of the contending films.
"Slumdog Millionaire," the tale of an impoverished orphan's improbably game-show victory which received 10 Academy Award nominations, including best picture, saw ticket sales up 80 percent to $10.5 million, putting it in the fifth spot behind family comedy "Hotel for Dogs."
And "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button," which led all films with 13 Oscar nominations, returned to the top 10 by taking in $6 million over the weekend, good enough for 9th on the list and pushing the Brad Pitt star vehicle to $111 million total.

Man kills infants and adults in Belgium, painted as the "Joker"

This are very disturbing news...

DENDERMONDE, Belgium (Reuters) – Prosecutors charged a 20-year-old unemployed Belgian with murdering two babies and a woman and wounding 13 others in a frenzied knife attack at a creche that stunned Belgium.
Prosecutor Christian Du Four, at a news conference on Saturday, identified the man only as "Kim D," who lived alone some 30 km (20 miles) from the scene of Friday's attack in the town of Dendermonde.
The man had no previous criminal record. When arrested he was carrying a knife, a small axe, a fake pistol and was wearing body armor. Two more knives were found at the scene.
"We don't know about his motive. He doesn't say anything ... he's very passive," said Du Four, adding that the suspect would appear in court on Tuesday.
Local media dubbed the assailant the "Joker" killer because his face was painted white and his eyes blackened, like the criminal mastermind in the Batman films.
He arrived at the Fabeltjesland -- Fairytale Land -- creche in Dendermonde, 30 km (20 miles) west of Brussels in mid-morning on Friday saying he wanted to ask a question.
But he then ran into the creche's rooms and launched his attacks, slashing at victims with a knife, before cycling off. He was detained a short time later at a shop.
There were 18 infants aged up to three years and six adults in the creche. Those killed were aged six and nine months and a woman child minder, aged 54. Some of the wounded children would require plastic surgery, hospital staff said.
Belgium was in shock. De Morgen newspaper bore the headline "Cold, Bloodthirsty, Inhuman," while the Gazet Van Antwerpen simply asked "Why?."

Man, people are going CRAZY!

Friday, January 23, 2009

NPP "Senator" wants to spend public money on why the Family Dept. Logo doesn't have the color blue!

Proving the adage that "You get the goverment you deserve",NPP(New Progressive Party)Senator Mariíta Santiago wants to spend your hard earned cash in this pursuit of what she sees as a afront to her party image, asking for an investigation on why the Puerto Rico Family Department Logo, the color blue (by the way the color of her party) was missing.

We are not making this up!

This is for real!

This lady is a FRAKKING MORON!!!!

There were 26 women murdered by their husbands last year in PR. Hundreds of kids abused, neglected or sexually molested by somebody they knew. And this BIRDBRAIN is interested in this stupidity!!! Forget the suffering! THE COLOR OF THE NPP IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN A MUDERERED MOTHER, FATHER OR KID!!!!

You know who's fault is it that we have retards like this, right?

It was YOU!

You voted for this charlatans!

Now have them!!! Me, I'm in the sidelines, laughing my ass off at the stupidity all around me!!!

Serves you well Puerto Rico. FRAK YOU!

Thanks El Ñame!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

"Benjamin Button" , "Slumdog Millionaire" and "Dark Knight" top the Academy Award nominations

No surprises here. Golden Globes favorites "Button" and "Millionaire" are two of the movies nominated for Best Picture of the Year at the 81st. Academy Awards nominations.

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – The high-profile Brad Pitt drama "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" and the low-budget Indian saga "Slumdog Millionaire" led the field of Oscar contenders on Thursday, while Heath Ledger became only the sixth actor to get a posthumous nomination.

"Benjamin Button," for which Pitt earned a nod as best actor for playing a man who ages backward, had 13 nominations in all -- one short of the record shared by "All About Eve" (1959) and "Titanic" (1997).

"Slumdog Millionaire," the tale of an impoverished orphan's improbable victory on India's version of the game show "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire," followed with 10 nominations.

As expected, Ledger was nominated for his supporting role as the villainous Joker in the hit Batman movie "The Dark Knight," which collected eight nominations to tie with the gay-rights story "Milk."

Ledger is easily the favorite to take the prize at the 81st annual Academy Awards on February 22. The Australian actor died of an accidental overdose of prescription pills exactly a year ago, at the age of 28.

To date, the only performer to win posthumously has been Peter Finch, who was honored for 1976's "Network" about two months after his fatal heart attack.

"Benjamin Button," "Slumdog Millionaire" and "Milk" will vie for best picture alongside a pair of movies that claimed five nominations each -- post-Holocaust love story "The Reader" and the political-media drama "Frost/Nixon." In a rare match-up, all five also got best director nominations.

More on the story here!

Click here for a complete list of the nominees.

The 81st. Academy Awards will be on Feb. 22nd, 2009 at 8pmEST/5pmPST (9pm Puerto Rico)

Hmmm. No Benicio. Pity! He's good in Che.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Danger! Danger! Bob May-The Robot in "Lost In Space" is dead!

Sci-Fi has lost another of it's cultural icon.

"Lost in Space" star Bob May, who played The Robot in the cult 60s TV show, has died of congestive heart failure at the age of 69.

May died overnight at hospital in California, his daughter Deoborah May told Associated Press.

The actor and stuntman worked on stage and screen for decades but was best known for The Robot, a role he claimed to have won by accident.

"He always said he got the job because he fit in the robot suit,'' said June Lockhart, who played Maureen Robinson.

"It was one of those wonderful Hollywood stories. He just happened to be on the studio lot when someone saw him and sent him to see (series creator) Irwin Allen about the part.

"Allen said, 'If you can fit in the suit you've got the job.'"

On the show The Robot always warned the Robinson family of approaching danger, and its catchphrase "Danger, Will Robinson" is still famous today.

However May didn't provide The Robot's voice, which belonged to Dick Tufeld.

In November last year May and his wife lost their home in a bushfire in the San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles, Associated Press reports.

In his


Saturday, January 17, 2009

Don't eat Peanut Butter! It might kill you!

What? No peanut butter! Is the FDA crazy? Apparently not! Read on...

The Food and Drug Administration says Americans should "postpone" eating cookies, crackers, candy and ice cream that contain peanut butter or peanut paste while the agency works to establish which products are tainted with the strain of salmonella typhimurium which has sickened 474 people nationwide and is implicated in six deaths.
"Product specific information will become available in the next few days," says Stephen Sundlof, director of FDA's Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition.

While snack products are potentially contaminated, supermarket peanut butter is not.

It appears that the only peanut butter linked to the outbreak was an institutional brand sold in 5 to 50 pounds tubs to schools, hospitals and nursing homes under the King Nut and Parnell's Pride label. It was never sold at the retail level and is not available at supermarkets and grocery stores, FDA says.

As for products that might contain the tainted peanut butter and peanut paste, FDA is encouraging companies that bought from the Peanut Corporation of America's Blakely, Ga., plant to inform consumers their products might be contaminated.

More on this important information Click Here!

For more information on this recall go to the FDA website Here!

Would you pray to this Virgin Mary?

Well technically it's not a depiction of the Virgin Mary, but don't tell that to the Catholic Church in Chile. They are pissed about this!

SANTIAGO (Reuters) - A prominent fashion designer has sparked outrage in Chile by dressing up models like the Virgin Mary -- in some cases with ample, near-naked breasts.

The Roman Catholic Church condemned Ricardo Oyarzun's plans for a show featuring the models, and a conservative group tried unsuccessfully to block it in court.

Oyarzun said he had received telephone threats and had excrement smeared on his doorstep.

"There is no pornography here, there's no sex, there are no virgins menstruating or feeling each other up," Oyarzun said ahead of the catwalk show set to be held at a Santiago nightclub later on Thursday. "This is artistic expression."

He said his designs -- which include halos, look as though they come from a nativity scene and include religious icons -- were inspired by the Virgin Mary but not intended to represent her.

"We look on with special pain and deplore those acts which seek to tarnish manifestations of sincere love toward the Virgin Mary, which end up striking at the dignity of womankind by presenting her as an object of consumption," Chile's Episcopal Conference, which includes Catholic bishops, said in a statement.

The show is more evidence that Chile, heavily influenced by the church for decades, is shaking off its reputation as one of the most socially conservative countries in Latin America.

I'll pray to that any day!!!!

Amen. Can I get an Amen on that?

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Tommy Muñiz 1922-2009

This proves that celebrities go in threes!

Tommy Muñiz- TV Producer, TV and Radio Station Owner, Comedian, actor and all around nice guy, passed away this morning from complications from Alzheimer's Disease. He was 85 years old.

From Wikipedia

Tommy Muñiz was considered to be one of Puerto Rico's best comedians. Muñiz was the son of Don Tomás Muñiz Souffront, who was owner of various radio stations and was also a radio producer. He was married to Luz María García de la Noceda and they had eight children.
During the 1970s, Muñiz produced and acted in a comedy series named Los García (The Garcias). In this he took part alongside his real life son Rafo Muñiz and Gladys Rodríguez, playing their father in law and husband respectively. Edgardo Rubio, the son of Puerto Rican military hero Euripides Rubio, was also featured as Muniz's son. Los García became one of the most successful television shows on Puerto Rican television. In that show, he popularized the phrase Sea Mi Vida! (a phrase widely used in Puerto Rico by people when they get mad, and which has no similar phrase in English, but loosely translated, it would mean Damned be my Life!). Muñiz is also credited with discovering and promoting Otilio Warrington.
During the late 1970s and early 1980s, Muñiz was the owner of a television channel, Channel 7, or Canal 7, in Puerto Rico. In 1988, he became one of the largest minority owners of TeleOnce, Channel 11.
In 1990, he and Rodríguez reunited to act in the movie Lo que le Pasó a Santiago, which was nominated for the Oscar as best foreign film.
Another of Muñiz's children Pedro Muñiz, is also a well known actor and producer.

I had the pleasure to know Don Tommy, as we knew him. He was a gentleman, very down to earth and a very funny man!

He will be sorely missed!

US Airways plane crashes into the Hudson River...all aboard OK!

Incredible! Only in New York!!!

NEW YORK – A US Airways pilot ditched his disabled jetliner into the frigid Hudson River on Thursday afternoon after a collision with a flock of birds apparently knocked out both engines, but rescuers pulled all 155 people on board into boats as the plane sank. There were no immediate reports of any serious injuries.
Flight 1549 went down minutes after takeoff from LaGuardia Airport for Charlotte, N.C., splashing into the river near 48th Street in midtown Manhattan.
"There were eyewitness reports the plane may have flown into a flock of birds," said Federal Aviation Administration spokeswoman Laura Brown. "Right now we don't have any indication this was anything other than an accident."
Passenger Jeff Kolodjay of Norwalk, Conn., said he heard an explosion two or three minutes into the flight, looked out the left side of the Airbus 320 and saw one of the engines on fire.
"The captain said, `Brace for impact because we're going down,'" Kolodjay said. He said passengers put their heads in their laps and started saying prayers. He said the plane hit the water pretty hard, but he was fine.
"It was intense. It was intense. You've got to give it to the pilot. He made a hell of a landing," Kolodjay said.
The plane was submerged in the icy waters up to the windows when rescuers in Coast Guard vessels and ferry boats arrived, opened the door and pulled passengers in yellow life vests from the aircraft, whose fuselage appeared intact. The plane was sinking in the near-freezing water on one of the coldest days of the year, with the mercury around 20 degrees.
Witnesses said the plane's pilot appeared to guide the plane down.
"I see a commercial airliner coming down, looking like it's landing right in the water," said Bob Read, who saw it from his office at the television newsmagazine "Inside Edition." "This looked like a controlled descent."

More on this, click here!

Any landing you can walk away from, it's a good one! This one is for the ages!!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Patrick McGoohan 1928-2009

Man! Not soon after I received the news of Ricardo Montalban's death, it was announced that Patrick McGoohan, known for the breakthrough series "The Prisoner" and his turn as the evil Richard the First in Mel Gibson's "Braveheart" has also passed away!
He was 80.

Patrick McGoohan, a two-time Emmy Award-winning actor who starred as a British spy in the 1960s TV series "Secret Agent" and gained cult status later in the decade as the star of the enigmatic series "The Prisoner," has died. He was 80.

McGoohan, whose career spanned stage, screen and TV, died peacefully Tuesday at St. John's Health Center in Santa Monica after a short illness, said Cleve Landsberg, McGoohan's son-in-law. The family did not provide further details.

It was the height of James Bond mania in 1965 when McGoohan showed up on American TV screens in "Secret Agent," a British-produced series in which he played John Drake, a special security agent working as a spy for the British government.

The hourlong series, which ran on CBS until 1966, was an expanded version of “Danger Man,” a short-lived, half-hour series on CBS in 1961 in which McGoohan played the same character.

But it was McGoohan's next British-produced series, “The Prisoner,” on CBS in 1968 and 1969, that became a cult classic that spawned fan clubs, conventions and college study.

Click here to read the whole story! his we


Ricardo Montalban 1920-2009

"The Death, Boss, The Death!"

Yup! Ricardo Montalban, the suave mexican actor, Corinthian leather spokesperson and Mr. Roarke on "Fantasy Island" Has passed away. He was 88 years old.

Ricardo Montalban, the suave leading man who was one of the first Mexican-born actors to make it big in Hollywood and who was best known for his role as Mr. Roarke on ABC's "Fantasy Island," has died. He was 88.

Montalban died Wednesday morning at his Los Angeles home of complications related to old age, said his son-in-law, Gilbert Smith.

Beginning in the 1940s, Montalban starred in dozens of films with some of the greatest names in movies, including Clark Gable and Lana Turner. When major film roles dried up for him in the 1970s, he turned to stage and eventually TV, where he became familiar to millions as the mysterious host whose signature line, "Welcome to Fantasy Island," opened the hit show that ran from 1978 to 1984.

More on this news here!

Ok boys and girls! In his memory...everybody... one...two...three...


What's the worst danger your kid can face online? A Bully!

You read right! In a report to be published today, 49 State Attorney Generals found this out!

Form the New York Times:

The Internet may not be such a dangerous place for children after all.

A task force created by 49 state attorneys general to look into the problem of sexual solicitation of children online has concluded that there really is not a significant problem.

The findings ran counter to popular perceptions of online dangers as reinforced by depictions in the news media like NBC’s “To Catch a Predator” series. One attorney general was quick to criticize the group’s report.

The panel, the Internet Safety Technical Task Force, was charged with examining the extent of the threats children face on social networks like MySpace and Facebook, amid widespread fears that adults were using these popular Web sites to deceive and prey on children.

But the report concluded that the problem of bullying among children, both online and offline, poses a far more serious challenge than the sexual solicitation of minors by adults.

“This shows that social networks are not these horribly bad neighborhoods on the Internet,” said John Cardillo, chief executive of Sentinel Tech Holding, which maintains a sex offender database and was part of the task force. “Social networks are very much like real-world communities that are comprised mostly of good people who are there for the right reasons.”

More on this here!

You see! Most of the media fueled internet sexual scare is malarkey! Being bullied is a far more serious, Ask any small child in school!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Kidnapping in a mall!

In front of people that don't do anything!
Can things get any worse!!!

Yup! That's what happens when your favorite elf is bored!

Via Videos pateticos YouTube

Spider Man and Obama, A winning combo!

Marvel comics is becoming very presidential indeed!

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Barack Obama will be "nerd-in-chief" when he takes office as U.S. president this month, according to Marvel Comics, which is putting him on the cover of its next "Spider-Man" comic.

The special edition of the weekly Spider-Man comic features a six-page story about the superhero saving the day when an imposter tries to take Obama's place as president. It is due to hit newsstands next Wednesday.

Marvel editor in chief Joe Quesada said the idea for the "Spidey meets the President!" edition came from a statement from Obama's campaign listing 10 little known facts about the Democrat who will be America's first black president.

"Right at the top of that list was he collected Spider-Man comics," Quesada told Reuters in an interview on Thursday.

"I was inundated with tons of fan mail saying 'Have you read this?'" Quesada said. "I was just floored, absolutely floored, to find out that the future commander-in-chief was actually going to be the future nerd-in-chief."

Read the full story here!

I'm waiting for the Incredible Hulk/Ironman/Thor/Spiderman/Obama/Biden team up!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

And the Box Office Champion this week is...

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Clint Eastwood's "Gran Torino" crossed the finish line first at the weekend box office in North America on Sunday, setting a new record for the busy 78-year-old actor and director.
The suburban drama, in which Eastwood plays a grumpy old man who takes on Latino gang members "Dirty Harry"-style, earned an estimated $29 million in the three days since it opened nationally on Friday, distributor Warner Bros. Pictures said.
Eastwood's previous best weekend was with "Space Cowboys," which earned $18 million in 2000. His most recent directing effort, "Changeling," earned $9.4 million during its first weekend of national release. "Gran Torino" has grossed $40.1 million since opening in limited release last month.
Three new movies, all playing mostly to women, entered the top 10 with better-than-expected results. "Bride Wars," starring Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson, opened at No. 2 with $21.5 million, followed by the supernatural thriller "The Unborn," at No. 3 with $21.1 million.
The faith-themed drama "Not Easily Broken," based on a book by noted preacher T.D. Jakes, debuted at No. 9 with $5.6 million. It played in just 724 theaters, while the other movies in the top 10 averaged about 2,950 theaters each.
After two weekends at No. 1, "Marley & Me" fell to No. 4 with $11.4 million. The canine saga, starring Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson, has earned $123.7 million to date.
Even though business in the East and Midwest was affected by bad weather, overall sales rose for the third consecutive weekend, up 14 percent to $148 million from the year-ago period, according to tracking firm Media by Numbers.

Eastwood's box office victory is good timing, coming a day before Oscar voters' nominations ballots are due. "Gran Torino" has largely been ignored by other awards groups, but its higher profile could help it score with last-minute voters.
Another potential influence on Oscar voters is the Golden Globe Awards, which will kick off later on Sunday in Beverly Hills at 8 p.m. EST/0100 GMT. The top Globe contenders are "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button," "Doubt" and "Frost/Nixon," with five nominations each. "Gran Torino" received one, for original song.
As it did with Eastwood's "Million Dollar Baby," Warner Bros. opened "Gran Torino" in limited release to build word of mouth. The plan seems to be working, with Eastwood's older fan base now joined by younger moviegoers, the Time Warner Inc-owned studio said.
"Bride Wars," in which Hathaway and Hudson play dueling Bridezillas, cost a modest $30 million to produce, said 20th Century Fox. The News Corp unit also distributed "Marley & Me."
"The Unborn" was even cheaper, at $16 million, distributor Universal Pictures said. The General Electric Co unit, which had been hoping for a $12 million opening, released the film on behalf of closely held producer Relativity Media.
"Not Easily Broken," released by TriStar Pictures cost just $5 million, a studio spokesman said. While the Sony Corp unit did not poll moviegoers by ethnicity, anecdotal evidence suggested that it played mostly to a black audience.
"Benjamin Button," the only leading Globe contender in the top 10, fell two places to No. 5 with $9.5 million. The total for the Brad Pitt vehicle rose to $94.3 million after three weekends. It was released by Paramount Pictures, a unit of Viacom Inc.

New Watchmen Pictures!

Here are a few production stills from the new "Watchmen" movie

Coming to you on March 6, 2009.


Friday, January 9, 2009

First Look: Astro Boy!

A first look at the new Astro Boy movie, debuting this year!

It may be a small movie for you all, but for us that were born in the 60's, it was our first Anime ever!
And we loved every silly minute of it!

It features the voices of Freddie Highmore (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory), Nicholas Cage and Donald Sutherland.


Oh Grandma! What a rubbery face you have? Only to steal from you better!

2009 weirdness started in Chile...

SANTIAGO (Reuters) - A Chilean man tried to steal $80,000 from his 82-year-old grandmother by disguising his 21-year-old girlfriend as the elderly woman and having her withdraw money from the bank, but the plot was foiled.

The man falsified his grandmother's identity card and his girlfriend wore a latex mask. They might have gotten away with it if it weren't for a bank worker who called the grandmother's home and learned she was visiting relatives in Venezuela.

"She acted like an elderly woman, was dressed as elderly woman and moved like one. It was a good impersonation," Victor Mellado, head of client service at the Banco de Chile in the port city of Talcahuano in southern Chile told local television.

The pair have been arrested by the police for attempted fraud and falsification of documents and face a maximum of up to three years in jail if convicted, prosecutor Jose Orella said.

This proves people will do anything for money!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The case of the mysterious Florida shoes!

Recently in Florida, this thing happened...

MIAMI — State troopers are looking for a charity to take thousands of shoes that were dumped on a Miami expressway, tying up rush hour traffic. Lt. Pat Santangelo says the Florida Highway Patrol received a call about the shoes Friday morning.

Santangelo says he's not sure where the shoes came from. There were no signs of a crash and no one stopped to claim them. He says he hopes someone will take them because he doesn't want to send them to the dump.

Workers using a front-end loader and a dump truck were able to quickly clear at least one lane by sweeping all the shoes to shoulder, but delays were expected until they could all be removed.

In an update to this information, a Miami based charity "Soles4Souls" will send the shoes to Haiti, where probably will not be thrown into a highway.

The Florida Highway Patrol is still investigating but a theory has arisen that this act was probably a protest against departing lame-duck US President George W. Bush, imitating the Iraqi journalist that threw his shoes at him.

Man, I love Florida! People are crazier than people in California or here!!!!

Love them!!!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

And the Box Office Champion this week is...

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – "Marley & Me," a canine comedy starring Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson, led the North American box office for a second weekend on Sunday, becoming the first Christmas holiday picture to hit $100 million.
Twentieth Century Fox's adaptation of the bestselling John Grogan memoir about a lovable Labrador retriever earned $24.1 million during the three days beginning Friday, taking its 11-day haul to $106.5 million. It marks Aniston's second consecutive $100 million-plus movie, following 2006's "The Break-Up," which finished with $118.7 million.
The rankings of the top seven pictures were unchanged from last weekend as no new films opened in wide release.
The Adam Sandler family comedy "Bedtime Stories" was No. 2 with $20.3 million, and a total of $85.4 million. Aniston's former husband Brad Pitt followed with the aging-backward fable "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button," which earned $18.4 million, and a total of $79.0 million. As with "Marley & Me," they were released on Christmas Day.
A pair of Nazi-themed films opened in two theaters each. "Defiance," a Jewish resistance picture starring Daniel Craig, earned a strong $121,000 during the weekend, ahead of its national launch on January 16. Less promising was the Viggo Mortensen vehicle "Good," with just $9,300.
The focus is now shifting to Oscar hopefuls that are preparing to expand into national release as awards season heats up. Among them are actor/director Clint Eastwood's suburban drama "Gran Torino," which goes wide on Friday, and actor Mickey Rourke's comeback vehicle "The Wrestler," which will enter the national ring on January 23.
"Gran Torino," which has earned $9.7 million after playing in under 100 theaters for four weekends, will widen to about 2,700 theaters on Friday. Eastwood plays a grizzled widower who takes on neighborhood bullies.
"The Wrestler," now in 18 theaters, has earned $1.8 million after three weeks. Rourke plays "an old broken-down piece of meat" reliving his glory days in the ring.
Three pictures making early headway in the awards stakes are already doing strong business: "Benjamin Button" and "Doubt," which will each compete for five Golden Globe awards next Sunday, and four-time contender "Slumdog Millionaire."
The first major awards ceremony of the year takes place on Thursday, the Critics Choice Awards hosted by the Broadcast Film Critics Assn. "Benjamin Button" and Sean Penn's gay-rights drama "Milk" lead the field with eight nominations each.
"Doubt," an adaptation of a Pulitzer Prize-winning play about suspicions of child abuse in the Catholic church, rose two places to No. 8 with $5 million.
The Philip Seymour Hoffman-Meryl Streep vehicle is playing in 1,287 theaters, while the top three films are averaging about 3,300 theaters each. After four weeks, "Doubt" has earned $18.7 million, and will expand on January 16, six days before Oscar nominations are announced.
"Slumdog Millionaire," the tale of an impoverished youngster's successful run on the Indian version of "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire," jumped three places to No. 10 with $4.8 million. It is playing in 612 theaters, and has earned $28.8 million to date.
"Milk," in which Milk plays California's first openly gay elected official, has earned $17.1 million from 309 theaters after six weekends.
Rounding out the top five were Tom Cruise's Hitler-assassination thriller "Valkyrie" at No. 4 with $14.0 million and a total of $60.7 million since its Christmas Day release. Jim Carrey's former chart-topper "Yes Man" followed with $13.9 million and a 17-day haul of $79.4 million.

A small step for a stuffed bear, one giant leap for Stuffed bear-kind

Recently, some students in England did a very curious experiment...

From SKY News...

Four teddies have taken a giant leap for bear-kind after being blasted to the edge of space by Cambridge University.
The cuddly toys were attached to a helium balloon and launched 30,000m into the atmosphere from Churchill College.
They were kitted out in space suits designed by schoolchildren from the city as the toys braved freezing temperatures. The computer-controlled toys, fitted with a GPS system and a camera, landed safely just north of Ipswich, Suffolk, following their pioneering flight of just over two hours.The project was overseen by the Cambridge University spaceflight team - a student-run society launched two years ago. Ed Moore, one of its 10 members, said: "There can be few more worthwhile things for us to do than to try and provide that spark for the current generation of school kids."

You see, if we make science fun, it will produce better and more scientists. And believe me, we need more scientists! We already have too much reggaeton floozies and jerks.

We should do this type of experiments in Puerto Rico.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Oompa Loompa Army!

This is The Army.
And we are sending this to Afghanistan?

Oompa Loompa Army

Now you know why we are not winning.

Happy New Year! Now your Zune doesn't work!

A very nice New Year's gift from the people at Microsoft. Thousands of Zune owners found that their 30 gigabyte players stopped working today, in what appears to be their own version of the "Y2K" problem that have plagued PC's since the begining of the decade.

Users have inundated the troubleshooting forums at and, looking for a relief to their problems

It looks that a software glitch with the internal clock was responsible for this and that it will go away as soon as Jan. 1st. rolls to Jan. 2nd. It advices all users to let the batteries on the player drain completely before restarting them.

To all Zune users; you should have gotten an iPod!