Thursday, January 15, 2009

Tommy Muñiz 1922-2009

This proves that celebrities go in threes!

Tommy Muñiz- TV Producer, TV and Radio Station Owner, Comedian, actor and all around nice guy, passed away this morning from complications from Alzheimer's Disease. He was 85 years old.

From Wikipedia

Tommy Muñiz was considered to be one of Puerto Rico's best comedians. Muñiz was the son of Don Tomás Muñiz Souffront, who was owner of various radio stations and was also a radio producer. He was married to Luz María García de la Noceda and they had eight children.
During the 1970s, Muñiz produced and acted in a comedy series named Los García (The Garcias). In this he took part alongside his real life son Rafo Muñiz and Gladys Rodríguez, playing their father in law and husband respectively. Edgardo Rubio, the son of Puerto Rican military hero Euripides Rubio, was also featured as Muniz's son. Los García became one of the most successful television shows on Puerto Rican television. In that show, he popularized the phrase Sea Mi Vida! (a phrase widely used in Puerto Rico by people when they get mad, and which has no similar phrase in English, but loosely translated, it would mean Damned be my Life!). Muñiz is also credited with discovering and promoting Otilio Warrington.
During the late 1970s and early 1980s, Muñiz was the owner of a television channel, Channel 7, or Canal 7, in Puerto Rico. In 1988, he became one of the largest minority owners of TeleOnce, Channel 11.
In 1990, he and Rodríguez reunited to act in the movie Lo que le Pasó a Santiago, which was nominated for the Oscar as best foreign film.
Another of Muñiz's children Pedro Muñiz, is also a well known actor and producer.

I had the pleasure to know Don Tommy, as we knew him. He was a gentleman, very down to earth and a very funny man!

He will be sorely missed!

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