Sunday, January 4, 2009

A small step for a stuffed bear, one giant leap for Stuffed bear-kind

Recently, some students in England did a very curious experiment...

From SKY News...

Four teddies have taken a giant leap for bear-kind after being blasted to the edge of space by Cambridge University.
The cuddly toys were attached to a helium balloon and launched 30,000m into the atmosphere from Churchill College.
They were kitted out in space suits designed by schoolchildren from the city as the toys braved freezing temperatures. The computer-controlled toys, fitted with a GPS system and a camera, landed safely just north of Ipswich, Suffolk, following their pioneering flight of just over two hours.The project was overseen by the Cambridge University spaceflight team - a student-run society launched two years ago. Ed Moore, one of its 10 members, said: "There can be few more worthwhile things for us to do than to try and provide that spark for the current generation of school kids."

You see, if we make science fun, it will produce better and more scientists. And believe me, we need more scientists! We already have too much reggaeton floozies and jerks.

We should do this type of experiments in Puerto Rico.

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