Sunday, January 25, 2009

Man kills infants and adults in Belgium, painted as the "Joker"

This are very disturbing news...

DENDERMONDE, Belgium (Reuters) – Prosecutors charged a 20-year-old unemployed Belgian with murdering two babies and a woman and wounding 13 others in a frenzied knife attack at a creche that stunned Belgium.
Prosecutor Christian Du Four, at a news conference on Saturday, identified the man only as "Kim D," who lived alone some 30 km (20 miles) from the scene of Friday's attack in the town of Dendermonde.
The man had no previous criminal record. When arrested he was carrying a knife, a small axe, a fake pistol and was wearing body armor. Two more knives were found at the scene.
"We don't know about his motive. He doesn't say anything ... he's very passive," said Du Four, adding that the suspect would appear in court on Tuesday.
Local media dubbed the assailant the "Joker" killer because his face was painted white and his eyes blackened, like the criminal mastermind in the Batman films.
He arrived at the Fabeltjesland -- Fairytale Land -- creche in Dendermonde, 30 km (20 miles) west of Brussels in mid-morning on Friday saying he wanted to ask a question.
But he then ran into the creche's rooms and launched his attacks, slashing at victims with a knife, before cycling off. He was detained a short time later at a shop.
There were 18 infants aged up to three years and six adults in the creche. Those killed were aged six and nine months and a woman child minder, aged 54. Some of the wounded children would require plastic surgery, hospital staff said.
Belgium was in shock. De Morgen newspaper bore the headline "Cold, Bloodthirsty, Inhuman," while the Gazet Van Antwerpen simply asked "Why?."

Man, people are going CRAZY!

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