Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Egg thrower to face charges, might get eight years in jail for stunt!

Roberto García Díaz was so frustrated and ashamed that he had voted for a governor that has fired more than 25,000 public employees, that he expressed it by throwing an egg at the governor. The unemployed father of five was promptly arrested, accused and released after posting bail.

If convicted, he faces up to eight years, yup, you read right, eight years in jail. Just for throwing an egg against a colonial governor. And a failed one at that!

The guy that threw his shoes against President Bush only served 6 months! He's free already! And he attempted against the President of the United States!

If he gets to go into a courthouse with 12 jurors and some of those jurors are pissed at Fortuño, the guy will walk.

I don't condone what he did, but eight years is a tad exaggerated!

I see embezzlers and child murderers get lighter sentences than that!

This island is going nuts!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fortuño gets egg in his face!

Somebody in Fajardo was so pissed at Governor Fortuño that he threw an egg at him at a conference about the new ship terminal to Vieques and Culebra.

The person was protesting about the round of lay-offs that began last Friday.

Here's the video from Noticentro (In Spanish)

Lucky the guy did not throw a shoe...or a live grenade!

And this is a message for everybody that voted for Fortuño.


And what does Hitler think about the layoffs?


Monday, September 28, 2009

The inspiration for "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" has passed away.

LONDON (Reuters) – The woman who inspired the iconic Beatles song "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" has died, a charity said Monday.
Lucy O'Donnell was a childhood friend of John Lennon's son Julian, and the song title was inspired by a picture that he had drawn of her at school.
"That's Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds," Julian explained to his father when he took the picture home.
Many fans believed that the classic 1967 hit, recorded for the "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" album, was a thinly disguised paean of praise for the hallucinogenic drug LSD.
But O'Donnell, a housewife whose married name was Vodden, revealed two years ago that she had in fact been the source.
"I remember Julian and I both doing pictures on a double-sided easel, throwing paint at each other, much to the horror of the classroom attendant," O'Donnell told BBC radio in 2007.
"Julian had painted a picture and on that particular day his father turned up with the chauffeur to pick him up from school."
The St Thomas' Lupus Trust charity said O'Donnell had died aged 46 from the autoimmune disease lupus.
It said Julian and his mother Cynthia, Lennon's first wife, were "shocked and saddened by the loss of Lucy."
"It's so sad that she had finally lost the battle she fought so bravely for so long," said Angie Davidson, the Trust's campaign director.

I always tought LSD was that...just LSD. It was real after all! Far out man!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

And the Box Office Champion this week is...

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – The family cartoon "Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs" led the North American box office for a second weekend on Sunday while another slew of newcomers bombed amid crippling reviews and moviegoer apathy.
"Cloudy," a 3D animated feature based on a popular children's book, earned $24.6 million during the three days beginning Friday. The 10-day haul for the Columbia Pictures release stands at $60 million.
The Bruce Willis robot thriller "Surrogates" opened at No. 2 with $15 million. The film's Touchstone Pictures distributor had hoped it would open at No. 1 but "Cloudy" enjoyed a bigger-than-expected hold. The cartoon lost just 19 percent of its audience, compared to a standard drop of about 50 percent.
"Fame," a family-friendly remake of the 1980 musical, opened at No. 3 with $10 million. The low-budget film was released by cash-strapped studio MGM, which had hoped for an opening in the $15 million range.
The Dennis Quaid sci-fi film "Pandorum" did even worse, opening at No. 6 with $4.8 million. Industry observers had expected an opening in the high-single-digits for the Overture Films release.
The sub-par performances come a week after another bunch of newcomers -- "The Informant!," "Love Happens" and "Jennifer's Body" -- all suffered disappointing openings. Early fall is traditionally a quiet time at the box office as the studios quietly clear out their weaklings while laying the groundwork for their awards-season hopefuls.
Columbia Pictures is a unit of Sony Corp. Touchstone Pictures is a unit of Walt Disney Co. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc, which is closely held. Overture is a unit of Liberty Media Corp.

Bank of America...I want 1,784 billion trillion dollars! Now!!!

Some people get mad over bad service. This guy really took it to the stupid circle!

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Dalton Chiscolm is unhappy about Bank of America's customer service -- really, really unhappy.

Chiscolm in August sued the largest U.S. bank and its board, demanding that "1,784 billion, trillion dollars" be deposited into his account the next day. He also demanded an additional $200,164,000, court papers show.

Attempts to reach Chiscolm were unsuccessful. A Bank of America spokesman declined to comment.

"Incomprehensible," U.S. District Judge Denny Chin said in a brief order released Thursday in Manhattan federal court.

"He seems to be complaining that he placed a series of calls to the bank in New York and received inconsistent information from a 'Spanish womn,'" the judge wrote. "He apparently alleges that checks have been rejected because of incomplete routing numbers."

Chin has experience with big numbers. He's the judge who sentenced Bernard Madoff to a 150-year prison sentence for what the government called a $65 billion Ponzi scheme.

Bank of America Corp faces real legal problems, including New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo's threat to sue its chief executive and a judge's embarrassing rejection of a settlement with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

Yet the money Chiscolm wants could dwarf all the bank's other problems.

It's larger than a sextillion dollars, or a 1 followed by 21 zeros. Chiscolm's request is equivalent 1 followed by 22 digits.

The sum also dwarfs the world's 2008 gross domestic product of $60 trillion, as estimated by the World Bank.

"These are the kind of numbers you deal with only on a cosmic scale," said Sylvain Cappell, New York University's Silver Professor at the Courant Institute for Mathematical Sciences. "If he thinks Bank of America has branches on every planet in the cosmos, then it might start to make some sense."

Judge Chin gave Chiscolm until October 23 to better explain the basis for his claims, or else see his complaint dismissed.

Hey jerko! Good luck collecting, if you ever win!

Image courtesy of Hoboken

Friday, September 25, 2009

Turkish "Star Wars"

Ok! I've been pissed off long enough! Time for some fun!
This is the begining of the 1982 Turkish film "Dünyayı Kurtaran Adam" (The Man who saves the World) directed by Çetin İnanç and written by Cüneyt Arkın (who is also the star of the film.)This Sci-Fi film "borrows" heavily from "Star Wars" "Indiana Jones" and "Battlestar Galactica".

It's amateurish and awful, but so much fun!!!!

Here's the first eight minutes of it. More on YouTube.


Chavez to Venezuelan TV Stations: No Family Guy! I'll Fine you!!!

Loopy Dictator Hugo Chavez hates Americans with a vengance! After banning "The Simpsons", Superman, Batman and the Hulk, he's setting his sights on "Family Guy"

CARACAS, Venezuela – Venezuelan authorities plan to impose fines on cable television companies that refuse to stop airing the animated television series "Family Guy."

Justice Minister Tareck El Aissami says the program should be pulled from the airwaves because it promotes the use of marijuana.

El Aissami was outraged by a recent episode in which the show's characters started a campaign to legalize marijuana.

He said Thursday that cable networks that broadcast "Family Guy" would be fined by Venezuela's telecommunications regulator if they refuse to dump the program.

The government of President Hugo Chavez is preparing to impose new regulations on cable television. Among other rules, cable providers could be forced to carry Chavez's frequent speeches.

Fortuño and Chavez


Friday...It's the second annual Get Fired Day!!!

Yes! Our bright governor, Luis Fortuño, is gearing up for a second round of firings of public employees. Probably between 10 to 20 thousand (that's right, thousands!)of employees will be fired today! The economist advising Mr. Fortuño think that by massive lay-offs, the economy will improve. Huh? What kind of logic is that? More unemployed means more houses being foreclosed, more morosity and late payments, more defaults, more crime.

Yet, goverment contracts to so called advisors keep getting fatter. Is expected that 2 Billion dollars would have been spent in these contracts by the end of the fiscal year. (Check for more details!)

But are the contracts being annulled?


But hard working Men and Women are getting laid off.

This is WRONG!

This is no goverment, this is a DICTATORSHIP!!!!

From now on, this blog will refer to Fortuño as Herr Luis Fortuño, overseer of the slave colony of Puerto Pobre (We are not Rich anymore!). But not as Fuhrer (Leader)

He's no leader!

He is an Asshole!!!!

So say we ALL!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sydney looks like a Mad Max movie!

Today the folks on Sydney, Australia got themselves an honest to goodness Red Dawn!

SYDNEY (Sept. 23) -- Australia's worst dust storm in 70 years blanketed the heavily populated east coast Wednesday in a cloud of red Outback grit, nearly closed the country's largest airport and left millions of people coughing and sputtering in the streets.
No one was hurt as a result of the pall that swept in overnight, bringing an eerie orange dawn to Sydney, but ambulance services reported a spike in emergency calls from people with breathing difficulties, and police warned drivers to take it easy on the roads.
Dust clouds blowing east from Australia's dry interior — parched even further by the worst drought on record — covered dozens of towns and cities in two states as strong winds snatched up tons of topsoil, threw it high into the sky and carried it hundreds of miles (kilometers).

Oh, I can hear Tina Turner singing "We don't need another hero!"

Photos by Jeff Dugan (AP) / Michelle Post (Reuters)

No curvy mannequins in Tehran! We are good Muslims!

Interpretation of holy scriptures can make people loopy. Here is exhibit A;

TEHRAN (Reuters) - Iranian police warned shopkeepers Tuesday not to use mannequins without headscarves or which exposed body curves, official news agency IRNA reported.
"Using unusual mannequins exposing the body curves and with the heads without Hijabs (Muslim veil) are prohibited to be used in the shops," Iran's moral security police in charge of Islamic dress codes said in a statement carried by IRNA.

Iranian police have stepped up a crackdown on both women and men, boutiques and small companies which fail to enforce strict religious dress codes since President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad came to office in 2005.

The measures are the latest in a country-wide campaign against Western cultural influences in the Islamic Republic, where strict dress codes are enforced.

"Both showing necktie and bowtie behind the windows ... and (the) selling (of) women's underwear by men are prohibited," said the police statement.

In the past, crackdowns tended to be launched at the start of Iran's hot summers and petered out soon after. But last year they extended into winter and included a drive against tight women's trousers and even men with spiky "Western" hairstyles.

Those who violate dress codes are usually cautioned on a first offence, sometimes after a brief visit to a police station. But they can be detained for longer, taken to court and required to have "guidance classes" after repeat offences.

Dress codes are most often flouted in wealthier, urban areas. Conservative dress is the norm in poorer, rural areas.

Seriously...Does Allah really care how are mannequins dressed?

Photo by Reuters

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Nigeria bans District 9!

They have bigger problems!

According to Nigeria's Information Minister Dora Akunyili, the country will boycott summer blockbuster District 9 due to the negative portrayal of its inhabitants.

"We have directed that they should stop public screening of the film," she said of the movie theaters in Abuja. "We are not happy about it because it portrays Nigeria in bad light."

The sci-fi morality film shows Nigerians as gangsters and cannibals while the leader of the clan closely resembles former Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo. He is seen cutting off and eating the arm of the film's main character, in an attempt to gain his supernatural powers. Also, Nigerian prostitutes are seen pleasing alien customers.

Could the writing be symbolic of African politics? Fixed elections, wild theories on avoiding AIDS and a government plagued by self interest?!

"We have written to the producer and distributor of the film, Sony Entertainment, expressing our displeasure and demanded an apology," said the Minister. "We have asked that the areas where Nigeria and Obasanjo are mentioned should be edited from the film."

Fat chance!

District 9 is already pushing buttons as it closely mirrors South African apartheid!

And the opposition has banned together to form Nigerians Offended by District 9, which offends all of 57 members!

Maybe they should spend more time improving the country and less time worrying about some movie!

Monday, September 21, 2009

And the Box Office Champion this week is..

Sony's 3D animated feature " Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs" enjoyed a balmy weekend opening, topping the rankings with an estimated $30.1 million in domestic boxoffice.

Warner Brothers' " The Informant!" -- a Matt Damon-toplined whistleblower thriller -- bowed about as expected with $10.5 million in second place amid lackluster competition. Tyler Perry's " I Can Do Bad All by Myself," from Lionsgate, dropped 57% from its week-earlier tally to register $10.1 million in third place, with a 10-day cume of $37.9 million.

Universal's romantic drama " Love Happens," starring Aaron Eckhart and Jennifer Aniston, debuted with a tepid $8.5 million in fourth. Fox Atomic's horror film " Jennifer's Body" was buried deep in fifth place, as the Megan Fox starrer disappointed with a $6.8 million bow.

Another horror film -- Summit's similarly R-rated "Sorority Row" -- dropped a relatively modest 51% in its sophomore session to register $2.5 million in ninth place, with an $8.9 million cume. Three rungs higher, second-frame holdover "9" -- an animated feature from Focus -- recorded $5.5 million on a 49% slide for a 12-day cume of $22.8 million.

Collectively, the weekend top 10 fetched $83.3 million to mark a 14% uptick from last year's comparable frame, according to Nielsen EDI.

In a limited opening, fledgling indie Apparition launched its first pic -- Jane Campion's romantic drama "Bright Star" -- in 19 locations in six cities to gross $190,343.

That represented a bright $10,018 per site, as cume reached $207,289 since a Wednesday bow in New York. "Star" will shine in a total 32 markets when it expands on Friday.

IFC Films' Juliette Binoche starrer "Paris" arrived in six theaters in New York and L.A. and grossed $46,800, or a pleasing $7,800 per venue. "Paris" broadens into 15 cities on Friday.

Elsewhere in the specialty market, Variance Films' Asian-American dramedy "White on Rice" added two screens for a total four playdates in four West Coast cities and grossed $9,200. The runs cooked up a thin $2,300 per engagement -- or a more acceptable $3,000 after excluding a site programming only early-morning showtimes -- as cume reached $20,170.

Based on a popular children's book, "Meatballs" featured about 1,828 Imax and RealD 3D screens among its 3,119 theaters. Produced for less than $100 million, the film features a voice cast including Anna Faris and Andy Samberg, and was co-directed by Christopher Miller and Phil Lord.

"The trailer on the film played extremely well," Sony distribution president Rory Bruer said. "All of the marketing materials really worked, and the movie delivers on that."

The PG-13 pic drew audiences composed 79% of family patrons, with 52% female support.

"Informant!" -- the exclamation point underscores comedic elements -- was co-financed by Participant Media. It opened to audiences evenly split between males and females, with 72% of patrons aged 30 or older.

"It performed as expected," Warners distribution topper Dan Fellman said.

As a well-reviewed adult pic, the film should have an unusually leggy run, Fellman added.

"Love" played in a relatively modest 1,898 locations. Its opening audiences were composed 78% of females, with 71% of patrons aged 30 and older.

"It was a solid result and in line with our expectations," Universal distribution president Nikki Rocco said.

Co-financed by Relativity Media, "Love" was produced for an estimated $18 million.

Produced for $16 million, "Body" attracted audiences 51% female, with 70% of patrons under age 25.

"We always want more, but it was a modestly budget project," Fox senior vp distribution Chris Aronson said.

Looking ahead, three wide openers are set for Friday. MGM gets back into the distribution game with the female-targeting musical "Fame," Overture unspools Dennis Quaid starrer "Pandorum" and Disney sends out sci-fi thriller "Surrogates," starring Bruce Willis.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Ok! This is very creepy!!!

If you have gone to the Bodies exhibition here in San Juan, you may find that is actually creepy to see cadavers doing stuff that probably never did when they were alive. But the new exhibition in Germany takes the cake!

For a walking science book, the Body World exhibit and its ilk sure court a lot of controversy. In Europe, the bodies are now having sex and scandal has erupted once again.

Gunther von Hagens, the anatomist who discovered the process to preserve the bodies with plastic, opened Cycles of Life in Zurich this week, and Zurichers are up in arms. Why? Because this time the preserved corpses are not only stripped of their skin, but they're posed having sex with each other. If everyone is dead, is that still necrophilia? If the performers are dead, is it still porn? The exhibit first, er, popped up in Germany this May and lawmakers in the country asked that it be banned.

This is a new twist for the Body World exhibits, which started off just posing bodies in different positions and featuring different body parts like the heart and the brain. In 2008 Body Worlds & The Mirror of Time debuted featuring corpses of infants and the elderly. Since once people have seen one dead body they've seen them all, Body Worlds seems intent on finding new and disgustingly exciting ways of titillating patrons. Once they've gotten the real life dead dolls doing it, where else is there to go?

This isn't the first time the exhibit has created controversy, but it's usually over the origin of the bodies. In 2006, the New York Times exposed the booming body business in China, which supplies many of the cadavers for the exhibits. Many of the bodies didn't have documentation, it turned out, may have been the remains of political prisoners.

Last Spring, Premier Exhibitions reached a settlement with the New York Attorney General's office agreeing that from here on it will get authorization from the deceased before displaying any their remains. As for the bodies already on display, they issue warnings that say they may belong to Chinese political prisoners. Also, anyone who previously went to the exhibit is eligible for a refund.


Thursday, September 17, 2009

The WTF of the day!

Apparently, this is all the rage in Russia!

If you're busy, or have hungry kids, try this. Stick dry spaghetti into hot dogs (Defrost them first, please!) , then boil.

The result will be something like this.

Wigglys, Cthulhu bits, Spaghetti Dogs and Hairy Dogs are some of the fanciful names this recipe has received.

What do you think?

"Raiders of the Lost Ark", the 1950's version!

What if "Raiders of the Lost Ark" was made in 1951 instead of 1981? Who would have been it's stars? How it would have looked? And what about it's music?
All of this is answered by Ivan Guerrero, an enthusiast that combined different movies from the past and manipulated them to form this unique creation, an homage to "Raiders" and the movies that inspired it. Ivan did a great job!


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Kanye West: the sequel! Speechless on Jay Leno Show!

President Obama thinks he’s a jackass. Hundreds of thousands of tweets have expressed similar sentiments. And last evening, Kanye West was one of the first guests on the premiere episode of Jay Leno’s new primetime show, where the musician said that he’s “ashamed” of crashing Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech at Sunday night’s Video Music Awards.

Kanye had already been scheduled to perform of the show, but the interview was only added to the schedule after last night’s antics became the buzz of the media and the Web. After watching it, it seems fairly clear that Sunday’s antics were not staged, as Leno nearly brings Kanye to tears in asking about what his recently deceased mother would think of his actions.

Video courtesy of NBC

Monday, September 14, 2009

Patrick Swayze - Dancer, Actor - "Dirty Dancing" "Ghost" "Red Dawn" 1952-2009

We just received word of this sad news.

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Actor Patrick Swayze, who went from Broadway dancer to Hollywood star in box-office hits like "Dirty Dancing" and "Ghost," died on Monday after a two year battle with pancreatic cancer. He was 57.
Swayze died at home with his family at his side, his publicist said.
He became a pop culture icon with 1987's "Dirty Dancing," which defied Hollywood expectations to become one of the most-watched movies of all time.
Swayze played the swaggering dance instructor Johnny Castle in the film opposite Jennifer Grey's sheltered teenager Frances "Baby" Houseman, who becomes smitten with him while on vacation at a New York resort during the 1960s.
Swayze was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer, one of the most deadly forms of the disease, in January 2008. He said at the time that the cancer had already spread to his liver.
But the actor and former dancer vowed to fight the disease and had treatment with an experimental drug. He then surprised Hollywood by filming a new detective series for television called "The Beast" in which he played the grueling lead role. The series was broadcast earlier this year.
"Dirty Dancing," which was made for a modest budget and almost scrapped by its studio, became a massive box-office hit, earning Golden Globe nominations for both stars and spawning the Oscar-winning hit single "(I've Had) The Time of My Life."
Producers did not have high hopes for the film but it reaped $64 million at the U.S. box office and $214 million worldwide.
Swayze co-wrote and performed the song "She's Like the Wind" for the movie's soundtrack, which went to No. 3 on the pop music charts. The film remained widely popular more than two decades later and recently spawned a stage musical version.

In 1990 "Ghost" was an even bigger hit than "Dirty Dancing" with a domestic box office take of more than $217 million and $505 million around the world.
Swayze starred as Demi Moore's deceased lover, Sam, in the tear-jerker romance, which was nominated for a best film Academy Award.
Whoopi Goldberg won an Oscar for her supporting role as a spiritual medium who helps Sam communicate with his girlfriend from beyond the grave. Goldberg said it was Swayze who convinced director Jerry Zucker to cast her.
Swayze was born in Houston on August 18, 1952, and was introduced to performing early. His father was a champion rodeo cowboy and his mother owned a ballet studio.
Swayze trained in dance from a young age and performed for New York City ballet companies before moving to Broadway.
His portrayal of Danny Zuko on Broadway in "Grease" caught the attention of Hollywood and he moved to the West Coast in the late 1970s, appearing in small TV and film parts.
His breakout roles came in 1983's boyhood drama "The Outsiders" and 1984's "Red Dawn" in which he and future "Dirty Dancing" co-star Grey played teenagers fighting invading Russians.
After "Dirty Dancing" and "Ghost," Swayze suffered several career setbacks, including a battle with alcohol.
Attributing some of his problems with drinking to his sudden fame and the Hollywood lifestyle, he moved back to Texas with wife Lisa Niemi but worked in such films as "The Green Dragon" and "Donnie Darko," both in 2001.

He had the time of his life.


Want your moment ruined? Call Kanye West!

I didn't watch the WMA's last night ( I don't think comedian Russell Brand is that funny and MTV is not showing videos anymore, so who cares!), but the little snippets that I watched were the important ones.

Note to the producers: do not give Kanye West ANY Alcohol! The guy becomes more of an A-Hole when drunk!
Look as he steals the spotlight from winner Taylor Swift and ruins the moment.

Later in the evening as Beyonce won Video of the Year, she showed class as she invited Taylor to the stage to finish her speech, interrupted by Kanye ("Bush don't care about black people") West.

Nice way to start a Monday!

Videos courtesy of MTV News

Sunday, September 13, 2009

And the Box Office Champion this week is...

The curse of the cross-dressing big fat black mama strikes again!

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Prolific filmmaker Tyler Perry scored his second No. 1 movie of the year at the North American box office on Sunday, leading a weak field of newcomers in what is traditionally one of the industry's slowest weekends.
Perry's latest family comedy, "I Can Do Bad All By Myself," sold $24 million worth of tickets during the three days beginning Friday, distributor Lionsgate said.
The writer-producer-director-actor, whose low-budget films are popular among black women, did better in February with "Madea Goes to Jail," which opened to a personal best of $41 million. But exactly a year ago, Perry's "The Family That Preys" opened to $17 million. The two most recent films starred Perry's alter ego Madea, a pistol-packing granny.
Also new was the animated film "9" at No. 2 with $10.9 million, in line with expectations. The film got an early start on the competition by opening on Wednesday, and its total stands at $15.3 million.
The horror movie "Sorority Row" debuted at No. 6 with $5.3 million, and English actress Kate Beckinsale's icy thriller "Whiteout" came in at No. 7 with $5.1 million. Both films, targeting younger moviegoers, were expected to open in the high-single-digit range.
Business usually drops sharply in the first weekend following the U.S. Labor Day holiday weekend, as children return to school and football season kicks in. The studios respond in kind by clearing out their summer leftovers.
The top 12 films grossed $78 million, according to tracking firm Box-Office. This represents a 3 percent drop from last weekend, and a 9 percent fall from the year-ago period, the company said.
After two weekends at No. 1, the horror film "The Final Destination" fell to No. 5 with $5.5 million, taking its total to $58.3 million.
Quentin Tarantino's Nazi revenge fantasy "Inglourious Basterds" slipped one place to No. 3 with $6.5 million in its fourth weekend. The film has now earned $104.4 million, and needs just $4 million more to become his biggest film in North America. The title is currently held by "Pulp Fiction," which earned $108 million in 1994.
Lionsgate is a unit of Lions Gate Entertainment Corp. "9" was released by Focus Features, a unit of General Electric Co's Universal Pictures. "Inglourious Basterds" was released by Weinstein Co. The closely held firm co-financed "Inglourious Basterds" with Universal Pictures.
"Sorority Row" was released by Summit Entertainment, which is closely held. "Whiteout" and "The Final Destination" were released by Warner Bros Pictures, a unit of Time Warner Inc.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Larry Gelbart - M.A.S.H., A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum 1928-2009

On of the legendary comedy writers has reached the final punchline.

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Writer Larry Gelbart, who developed the hit television show "M*A*S*H" that uncovered a rich wellspring of comedy and pathos in war, died of cancer on Friday at age 81.
He died in Los Angeles, his talent company, Creative Artists Agency told Reuters.
The Emmy-winning "M*A*S*H" lasted 11 seasons, becoming one of the most honored shows in U.S. television history before ending in 1983, with a final episode that set a record by attracting more than 106 million viewers.
Gelbart penned the 1972 pilot for "M*A*S*H," a comedy set in the 1950s Korean War, which used that conflict as an allegory for the Vietnam War, in which the United States was embroiled during the early years of the series.
The show, based on a 1970 movie of the same name by director Robert Altman, was about wise-cracking doctors operating on the wounded just a few miles from the front lines, in what they called "meatball surgery," because it called for quick action.
Producer and director Gene Reynolds called on Gelbart to write the pilot script for "M*A*S*H," and he went on to write for other episodes. He also served as executive script consultant and shared an Emmy award with Reynolds when the series won for outstanding comedy in 1974.
Born the son of a barber, Gelbart began his career writing for radio as a teenager, writing for comedian Danny Thomas and later for the show "Duffy's Tavern."
Later, while in the U.S. Army radio service, he wrote for personalities like Jack Paar and Bob Hope, before going on to work on 1950s television programs such as the comedy "Caesar's Hour," writing alongside Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner.
Gelbart also co-wrote the book "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum," which became a Broadway musical in the 1960s, and the 1982 movie "Tootsie" starring Dustin Hoffman.
He was inducted last year into the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Hall of Fame.
Gelbart is survived by his wife, Pat, children Adam and Becky, six grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

Exit stage left, curtains.
So long Larry. You made us laugh. Thank You.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

So long DC Comics!

DC Comics is no it's DC Entertaiment!

LOS ANGELES — Warner Brothers Entertainment said Wednesday that it was revamping its DC Comics franchise into a new company, DC Entertainment, that will try to more aggressively exploit its comic-book characters — including Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman — across film, television and other media.

The move, which Warner Brothers executives said has been in the works for months, comes quickly on the heels of the Walt Disney Company’s recent surprise deal to acquire Marvel Entertainment, the biggest rival of DC Comics. Disney said last week that it would pay $4 billion in cash and stock to buy Marvel, whose characters include Spider-Man, Iron Man and the Fantastic Four.

Diane Nelson, who among other duties has overseen the Harry Potter franchise at Warner since 1999, was appointed president of DC Entertainment, reporting to Jeff Robinov, president of the Warner Brothers Picture Group. Paul Levitz, who has served as president and publisher of DC Comics since 2002, will become a contributing editor and consultant to DC Entertainment.

Ms. Nelson’s new duties will extend beyond trying to create more blockbuster films featuring the DC Comics characters, company officials said, to exploiting more of its characters in other formats — opportunities that Warner executives clearly believed were being missed.

“It’s no secret that DC has myriad rich and untapped possibilities from its deep library of iconic and lesser-known characters,” Alan Horn, president and chief operating office of Warner Brothers Entertainment, said in a statement.

Warner had intended to announce details about its plans for DC Comics in January, as it begins a 75th anniversary celebration of the DC brand, Barry Meyer, chairman and chief executive of Warner, said in an interview.

But the Disney announcement resulted in so many questions about the possibly heightened competition “that it would have been disingenuous for us to suggest that we had not been thinking about it.” He added that the Marvel-Disney announcement “reconfirmed in us our strong belief in how valuable DC really is.”

While Warner had a major hit in 2008 with “The Dark Knight,” part of the Batman franchise, the 2006 film “Superman Returns” did not live up to expectations, and many of its other most recognizable characters have long been absent from the big screen.

The next major theatrical release based on a DC Comics character, “Jonah Hex,” is scheduled for June 2010. The company also plans to release “The Green Lantern” in 2011.

Superman and other characters have been much more active in animated direct-to-DVD releases from Warner Premiere, the division overseen by Ms. Nelson since its founding in 2006.

In addition, “Smallville,” a television series broadcast on the CW network that chronicles Superman’s teenage years, is one of the longest-running series produced by Warner Brothers Television.

Yup! I can't wait for that Superman/Batman/Bugs Bunny/Porky crossover!

It is 9-9-09! Get your Beatles tchotchkes!

Number 9, Number 9...It's the mythical song by the Beatles. So it's no coincidence that today, every thing that has to be with them is hot today.

1- The new "Rock Band: The Beatles" was released today. It contains 46 Beatles songs plus another one on direct download.

2- "The Beatles Remastered" All Beatles Albums remastered for a new cd release, all of them in one convinient package, with videos and all!

But, alas, no Beatles on iTunes! It looks that the Michael Jackson Company ( Yes! That Michael Jackson...the DEAD one!), owner of the early Beatles song, did not reach a settlement with Apple inc. Which means, a long wait until they reach an agreement to relase the early material along with the more recent stuff for sale on the iTunes stores.

Still, all of us that are Beatles fans from way back, we get to enjoy them in a new incarnation.

And yes you can like the Beatles and the Stones. No problems there.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

It's Tuesday...let's have some music, shall we?

Going thru YouTube, I found a live version of "Goodbye Elenore" by the band Toto. Now, this video is particular, because it has all the original members of the band (Dave Hungate, Bobby Kimball, Steve Lukather, David Paich, Jeff Porcaro and Steve Porcaro) before they went their separate ways, some of them as far to seeing their maker!

Well without further ado, The Les'Shyerar Laboratories and Fried Chicken Shack presents...TOTO!

Hey, wait a minute...this is not a McDonalds! But the chicken is better!

This is a funny and delicious story...

PUTRAJAYA, Malaysia (Reuters) - Fast food giant McDonald's on Tuesday lost an eight-year trademark battle against a Malaysian curry restaurant after the country's highest court allowed the latter to use the prefix 'Mc'.

Malaysia's Federal Court dismissed an application by McDonald's Corporation to appeal against an earlier Appeals Court judgment which allowed McCurry to use the prefix.

Chief Judge of Malaya Ariffin Zakaria, reading the verdict of the three-person Federal Court in the administrative capital, said McDonald's had failed to properly frame its questions when applying to challenge the Appeals Court's earlier verdict.

"It is unfortunate that we have to dismiss the application with costs," Ariffin said.

McCurry, which is short for "Malaysian Chicken Curry," serves Malaysian staples including fish head curry, according to the company website (

"We feel great that this eight-year legal battle is finally over, and we can now go ahead with whatever we plan to do such as opening new branches," McCurry owner P. Suppiah told Reuters after the court decision.

McDonald's, which has 185 outlets in Malaysia, first sued the curry restaurant in 2001 and a High Court ruled in favor of the international fast food chain in 2006.

McCurry then took the matter up to the Court of Appeal, which ruled in favor of the Malaysian restaurant. McDonald's subsequently took the matter to the Federal Court.

The McDonald's operation in this country of 27 million people is run as a franchise by prominent businessman Vincent Tan.

I dunno...having a "Mc" before your name in a business, weakens and cheapens it.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

And the Box Office Champion this week is...

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Reigning champ "The Final Destination" fended off a challenge from Sandra Bullock's latest romantic comedy to lead the U.S. Labor Day holiday box office in North America for a second weekend, according to studio estimates issued on Sunday.
"The Final Destination," the fourth movie in a horror franchise about disastrous occurrences, earned $12.4 million during the three days beginning Friday. The 10-day haul for the Warner Bros release rose to $47.6 million, buoyed by premium pricing for 3D screenings.
Warner Bros is a unit of Time Warner Inc.
"All About Steve," a critical bomb starring Bullock as a lovelorn crossword-puzzle expert, followed with $11.2 million, the best performance among three weak newcomers.
That marked a considerable drop from the $33.6 million launch of her previous hit "The Proposal" in June. "All About Steve" co-star Bradley Cooper did even better that month with the $45 million debut of his summer smash "The Hangover."
But the new picture played in 2,251 theaters, about 900 less than either "The Proposal," "The Final Destination" or "The Hangover." It was also released at a time -- the dying days of summer -- when the studios are clearing out underperformers so they can focus on their awards-season hopefuls.
"We're thrilled with the number," said an official at 20th Century Fox, a unit of News Corp. Bullock also produced the movie, whose audience was about two-thirds female, according to Fox.
"Inglourious Basterds" slipped one place to No. 3 with $10.8 million, taking the three-week tally for Quentin Tarantino's World War Two picture to $91 million. It needs just $17 million more to become his biggest film in North America, a title currently held by his 1994 breakthrough "Pulp Fiction" ($108 million).
The new film's foreign total stands at $83 million, and it already ranks as Tarantino's highest-grossing release in eight markets, including Germany, Russia and Turkey.
"Basterds" was co-financed by the closely held Weinstein Co and General Electric Co's Universal Pictures.
Of the other two new releases, both targeted at male youngsters, "Gamer" opened at No. 4 with $9 million, and "Extract" at No. 10 with just under $4.2 million.
Lionsgate's "Gamer" stars Gerard Butler ("300") as a heroic killer frantically reducing the population count. Miramax Films' "Extract," another workplace satire from "Office Space" director and "Beavis and Butt-head" creator Mike Judge, stars Jason Bateman and Mila Kunis.

Madison's official bird? Well, the plastic pink flamingo, of course!

It's official! An american icon was honored in Madison, Wisconsin.

MADISON, Wisconsin (Reuters) - Some stories don't fly. This one doesn't even breathe.

The city council of Wisconsin's capital voted on Tuesday to designate the plastic pink flamingo its official bird, honoring a college prank committed 30 years ago.

In 1979, University of Wisconsin students planted roughly 1,000 of the pink plastic birds on a grassy incline outside the dean's office.

Alderman Marsha Rummel told the Wisconsin State Journal the council's 15-4 vote ensured the event was "captured in our imaginations forever."

Strangely, Pink Flamingos always remind me of Florida...and trailer parks with fat transvestites eating dog poo!

Friday, September 4, 2009

2 Bangladeshi newspapers apologize after falling for a hoax!

People are willing to believe well presented lies than the truth. Here's an example of this...

Two Bangladeshi newspapers have apologised after publishing an article taken from a satirical US website which claimed the Moon landings were faked.

The Daily Manab Zamin said US astronaut Neil Armstrong had shocked a news conference by saying he now knew it had been an "elaborate hoax".

Neither they nor the New Nation, which later picked up the story, realised the Onion was not a genuine news site.

Both have now apologised to their readers for not checking the story.

"We thought it was true so we printed it without checking," associate editor Hasanuzzuman Khan told the AFP news agency.

"We didn't know the Onion was not a real news site."

The article said Mr Armstrong had told a news conference he had been "forced to reconsider every single detail of the monumental journey after watching a few persuasive YouTube videos and reading several blog posts" by a conspiracy theorist.

More on this monumental stupidy, CLICK HERE.

This is all the fault of all these stupid conspiracy theorists that think that we never went to the moon. With very flimsy evidence, they have repeated this lie over and over again, until people believed it.

As proven in MythBusters...astronauts did go to the moon!
Why are we not back.
Lack of money and apathy...from you!!!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

World War 2 ended 64 years ago today!

It started with a bang. It ended with a signature.

64 years ago today, Japanese officials signed the unconditional surrender of Japan on board the deck of the USS Missouri, while docked on Tokyo harbor.

So what started as an inavsion by Germany of Poland, ended with a signature halfway around the world, when Germany's last ally, Japan, gave up.

Of course after two nuclear blasts that killed 200,000 of it's citizens!

Faced with certain obliteration, Japan chose the wise path of peace.

Until now, WW2 is the most destructive war ever waged.

Let's make sure we keep it that way.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

World War 2 started 70 years ago today.

70 years ago today, Germany launched a lighting attack, invading Poland, destroying everything and starting what was later called the Second World War.

Between 50 and 65 million people perished.

A moment of reflection, if you want.

New IRONMAN 2 Photo!

Here it is. The Disney influence is already begining to show.
They are probably thinking of the new title

Ironman 2: Rise of the Mouse.

Seriously, Thanks to Radio Maestra and Lord Cybron for the art.