Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Egg thrower to face charges, might get eight years in jail for stunt!

Roberto García Díaz was so frustrated and ashamed that he had voted for a governor that has fired more than 25,000 public employees, that he expressed it by throwing an egg at the governor. The unemployed father of five was promptly arrested, accused and released after posting bail.

If convicted, he faces up to eight years, yup, you read right, eight years in jail. Just for throwing an egg against a colonial governor. And a failed one at that!

The guy that threw his shoes against President Bush only served 6 months! He's free already! And he attempted against the President of the United States!

If he gets to go into a courthouse with 12 jurors and some of those jurors are pissed at Fortuño, the guy will walk.

I don't condone what he did, but eight years is a tad exaggerated!

I see embezzlers and child murderers get lighter sentences than that!

This island is going nuts!


Sings-With-Spirits said...

The eight years is the maximum possible sentence. Most likely he'll get a fine and probation... Lord knows the government needs the money... followed by an outpouring of support from the masses and maybe a lucrative speaking career.

At any rate, even in a worst case scenario, he'll be getting a governatorial pardon (and maybe a medal) in early 2013...

Alberto said...

With each passing day, I am more convinced that I was right.. these are proving to be 4 VERY interesting years indeed.

Fortuno should thank his lucky stars that this isn't France or some other country. That egg could have been a grenade somewhere else. And considering that the government has set it's conspiracy to dismantle Puerto Rican society in motion. Fortuno got off easy.

As workers continue to see their livelihood vanish and as more families fight merely to survive, things will only get worse. That is what we get when we give the givernment a blank check like we did last election when the NPP won by a landslide.

Alberto said...

As the days roll by, my original comment becomes a self-fulfiling prophecy. These 4 years are proving to be VERY interesting indeed.

Fortuno should thank his lucky stars that this isn't France or some other country. In another country, that egg could easily have been a grenade. And, considering that Fortuno and his cronies have set in motion their plan to dismantle Puerto Rican society as we know it, he got off lightly indeed.

That is what we get when we give a single political party a blank check to run the government like we did when the PNP won these last elections by a landslide. And as more workers lose their livelihood, more families fight for mere survival and as more government agencies are eliminated to curtail citizens' dwindling rights, things will only get worse. Wether or not this will finally unite the workers movement into a truly effective entity remains to be seen.