Wednesday, September 9, 2009

It is 9-9-09! Get your Beatles tchotchkes!

Number 9, Number 9...It's the mythical song by the Beatles. So it's no coincidence that today, every thing that has to be with them is hot today.

1- The new "Rock Band: The Beatles" was released today. It contains 46 Beatles songs plus another one on direct download.

2- "The Beatles Remastered" All Beatles Albums remastered for a new cd release, all of them in one convinient package, with videos and all!

But, alas, no Beatles on iTunes! It looks that the Michael Jackson Company ( Yes! That Michael Jackson...the DEAD one!), owner of the early Beatles song, did not reach a settlement with Apple inc. Which means, a long wait until they reach an agreement to relase the early material along with the more recent stuff for sale on the iTunes stores.

Still, all of us that are Beatles fans from way back, we get to enjoy them in a new incarnation.

And yes you can like the Beatles and the Stones. No problems there.

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