Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Kaisen 5, A total blowout!

The Kaisen entertaiment fair, in it's fifth edition, blew out all expectations. More that 2,500 persons descended on the Rubén Rodríguez Colisseum in Bayamón for the bi-annual anime, sci-fi and comics extravaganza. Congratulations to the organizers, crew and people who attended. It was an affair to remember!

See you next November 1st. on Kaisen 6!

If you want to see pictures and videos of the convention, www.paquines.com

It was an honor to have been organizing this event! Thanks to all the people that said hi!

Monday, March 30, 2009

And the Box Office Champion this week is...

The analysts and studio executives who are bullish on the prospects for 3-D over the next few years will point to this past weekend as evidence that they're onto something. Monsters Vs. Aliens, the 3-D release by DreamWorks Animation, topped North American box office results with $58.2 million in sales over the weekend. The movie, distributed by Paramount, opened on Friday on over 7,000 screens, with about 2,000 of them equipped for 3-D broadcast. About 56 percent of total ticket sales were for 3-D tickets, which cost $2 to $4 more than regular tickets.

Piper Jaffray analyst James Marsh believes that 3-D ticket sales in theaters will grow to $3.9 billion in 2011?or about a third of all box-office revenues?from a small base last year; 3-D will increase movie attendance by 20 percent to 25 percent, he says. Monsters Vs. Aliens didn't top DreamWorks Animation's last two releases, Kung Fu Panda and a Madagascar sequel, which brought in $60 million and $63 million respectively at the box office during their opening weekends. Still, 3-D tickets were sold out, and according to The Wall Street Journal , 40 percent of those who bought 2-D tickets said in exit polls that they would have preferred to buy 3-D tickets. In the movie, a meteor turns some humans into monsters who then have to protect the human world from an alien attack.

While 3-D looks has gotten off to a strong start?there have been a smattering of releases until now but studios are ramping up their 3-D production this year?many theater chains have yet to install the technology in their theaters; fewer than 5 percent are equipped with 3-D systems, and the poor economy may further slow that adoption. The next slate of 3-D releases?Disney's Up and Fox's Avatar?will hit theaters over the next few months.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

14 year old girl arrested after posting nude pictures of herself on My Space.

Came across this news article...

The charges could force the teenager from New Jersey, US, to register as a sex offender, if convicted.
Her arrest came as prosecutors across America pursue child pornography cases over kids sending naked photographs to one another by mobile phone and emails.
Social networking website MySpace would not comment on the New Jersey investigation, but the company has a team that reviews its network for inappropriate images.
Police arrested the girl after a tip-off from America's National Centre for Missing and Exploited Children.
Passaic County sheriff's spokesman Bill Maer said: "We consider this case a wake-up call to parents."
The girl posted the photos because "she wanted her boyfriend to see them," he said.
The teen was charged with possession of child pornography and distribution of child pornography.
She was released to her mother's custody.
If convicted of the distribution charge, she would be forced to register with the state as a sex offender under Megan's Law, said state Attorney-General Anne Milgram.
She also could face up to 17 years in jail, though such a stiff sentence is unlikely.
Some - including the New Jersey mother behind the creation of Megan's Law - criticised the trend of prosecuting teens who send racy text messages or post illicit photos of themselves.
Maureen Kanka's daughter Megan became the law's namesake after the seven-year-old was raped and killed in 1994 by a twice-convicted sex offender.
She said: "(The 14-year-old) should have an intervention and counselling, because the only person she exploited was herself."

Ok...my two cents...
I don't condone what she did. She did the wrong thing, out of 'love'. Let's face it, 14 year old kids were, are and will be immature. It's up to the parents to monitor their internet activities and to explain the sexualization of the media and how it affects them, and how to protect themselves online.
This girl should be grounded and her internet privileges revoked!
Having this clear, now I level my heavy guns on the New Jersey law enforcement and the Center for "Missing" and "Exploited" Children.
Where the hell is common sense in the US? Nowhere, it looks like! Charging a kid with producing child pornography and forcing them to register as sex offenders is like issuing speeding tickets at the Indy 500 car race. It doesn't make any sense!!!
This is another example of fascist America asserting itself. The George W. Bush legacy of lunacy is alive and well in Obama's America.
The Center should be looking for "Missing" and "Exploited" Children and saving them, not be looking at My Space. Let My Space police itself! Since when a non-profit became a law enforcement agency? Since it's not about saving children, but the acquisition of power and the expansion of a police state at the expense of our civil liberties.
Max out!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Elvis Crespo's case goes for Federal prosecution.

Elvis Crespo's case gets more complicated by the minute. An FBI spokesperson said today that after looking at the case and compiling the evidence, they are turning over the case to federal prosecuters. They will determine if charges will be filed. If accused and convicted in Federal Court, Mr. Crespo could face up to five years in prison, a $100,000. fine and to be registered as a sex offender, for the rest of his life.
On happier news, he's been chosen to be the spokesperson for the game "Raspa y Gana"!

Sorry, I couldn't resist!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Elvis Crespo caught masturbating on Continental flight in the US!

According to a federal investigation revealed today, Puertorrican singer Elvis Crespo, known for merengue songs like "Suavemente" and "Me Gusta, Me Gusta" was accused by a fellow passenger of alledgedly mastubating and exposing himself.

The incident ocurred 15 minutes after the departure of Continental flight 190, from Houston, Texas to Miami, Florida. According to Miami-Dade county police report, the passenger, identified as Patricia Perea, of Houston, was seated next to Crespo in first class section of the aircraft. 15 minutes after takeoff, she noticed that Crespo covered himself with a blanket, after a while, Crespo removed the blanket and exposed himself while masturbating, Perea said. She noticed his trousers were down.

She alerted 3 crew members and was moved from her seat. When the aircraft landed in Miami Int'l Airport, the flight Captain notified the authorities. Miami-Dade county and TSA officers were waiting at the arrival gate, and detained Mr. Crespo, Mrs. Perea and the 3 crew members for their statements on the incident. Mr. Crespo's comments; "I don't remember doing that".

The case was referred to the FBI, as any matter involving air travel.

"Suavecito" indeed!

Who Watches the WALL-E?

What if the WALL-E trailer was made in the same style as the "Watchmen" trailer was?
Here are the results...

Compelling, isn't it?

Thanks to Lord Cybron for this one!

Monday, March 23, 2009

The Serfs are on the way!

In order to combat this onslaught of bad news and sad events, here a song to cheer you up. It's sung by Canadian artist and comedian Billy Reid. Have fun with it! You can find more of Billy Reid's stuff at www.verytasteful.com

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Awilda Carbia 1938-2009

The Dame of Puertorrican comedy, Awilda Carbia, passed away today. She was 71.

Awilda started her acting career as a 7-year-old child, without ever suspecting that later in her acting career, 1970s, she would portray a children's television show host that was called: Estrella Galaxia, (Galaxy Star), broadcast by WAPA-TV. Later, she abandoned the show, and her daughter, Puerto Rican television host, Mirayda Chávez, took over, and characterized "Estrellita Galaxia", (Little Galaxy Star).

During the 1960s, Carbia, performed as a comedian in several television shows, such as: Rendezvous Nocturno, produced by the late Cuban television producer: Tony Chiroldes, and El Show del Mediodía, (The Mid-day Show), produced by the Puerto Rican producer, Tommy Muñiz. Later, she became part of the cast of television sitcoms in WAPA-TV in Puerto Rico, such as: Ja, ja, ji, ji, jo, jo, (Ha, ha, he, he, ho, ho), with the late Puerto Rican comedian José Miguel Agrelot, "Don Cholito", to whom the new Puerto Rican Coliseum, in Hato Rey, has recently been named after him.

In 1971, making a short turnabout in her career as a comedian, Carbia became the leading lady of the telenovela broadcast by WAPA-TV El Silencio Nos Condena, (Silence Condemns Us), opposite Cuban leading man Eliseo Pereira. As the 1970s came about, there was an actors' strike in WAPA-TV, and the whole cast of comedians of Tommy Muñiz Productions, to which Awilda used to belong, created a new company, called "ASTRA". Together, they produced a different television comedy series called Ahí Va Eso, (There it Goes), this time telecast by Rikavision, channel 7, then WRIK-TV.
Later, Awilda, moved to Telemundo, and became the leading lady of her own television show inside the legendary music and comedy series that aired for 40 consecutive years, El Show de las 12, (The 12 o'clock show). She was also featured in two comedy series: La Encubierta Descubierta, (The Discovered Cover Up) and Awilda lo Divierte, (Awilda Entertains You), as well as being a member of the comedy cast for El Show de Chucho, (Chucho's Show). The latter was the #1 television show for many years.
Later, when Chucho Avellanet abandoned the show, Awilda Carbia, alongside Otilio Warrington, (Bizcocho) and Juan Manuel Lebrón, took over the show, and from being the stars of the comedy cast, they became the stars of the show, then called Estudio Alegre, (Cheerful Studio) and later, Musicomedia, (Musicomedy). She also starred, opposite Juan Manuel Lebrón, Benito Mateo and Rosita Velázquez in the hit Sunday prime-time TV sitcom, En Casa de Juanma y Wiwi (At Juanma and Wiwi's House). She also starred in the celebrated Puerto Rican Spanish-language production of the musical comedy Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, titled 40 Kilates (40 Karats).
Awilda Carbia, starred in a new concept series of a one woman comedy act, titled Desconcierto. (Desconcierto, in the Spanish language is literally the antonym of the word: "Concert"). She impersonated Puerto Rican celebrities such as Myrta Silva, Carmita Jiménez, Lucecita Benítez, Yolandita Monge, & Nydia Caro, among many others. Carbia's series of "Desconciertos", made their debut at the Tapia Theater in San Juan, and were performed in various theaters and night clubs of Puerto Rico such as: Caribe Hilton Hotel, the Centro de Bellas Artes Luis A. Ferré in Santurce and, most notably, 105 performances at the legendary Tapia Theater in Old San Juan. Desconcierto kept running on stage for 15 consecutive years, in two-month seasons.
Then, in the late 1980s, Awilda Carbia, signed an exclusivity contract with WQII-TV, TeleOnce, and she produced her own weekly comedy series: Soy Awilda, (I'm Awilda). It aired for three consecutive years.
Later, Carbia, accepted an offer from the late actress and producer: Lucy Boscana, to perform opposite her, in a dramatic television mini-series, in a leading role. It was filmed between Argentina & Puerto Rico, and it's titled: Cita en Buenos Aires, (A Date in Buenos Aires).

On-Stage, she's performed the leading lady in many "Zarzuelas' (Spanish operettas), comedies and musicals. She starred as Miss Adelaide in the 1991 Puerto Rican revival of Guys & Dolls, opposite Ivan Rodríguez as Nathan Detroit, Osvaldo Ríos as Sky Masterson, and Cristina Arzuaga as Sarah Brown. The English-language production played at the Luis A. Ferré Performing Arts Center in San Juan. Carbia also joined her daughter Myraida Chavez in an original theater production staged throughout various locations around the island called, Dos Mujeres de mi Tierra {Two Women of my Land), acknowledging the poetry of Julia de Burgos, and the music of Sylvia Rexach.
In 1998, she performed the multiple leading roles of the Puerto Rican comedy play Lo Mejor está por Venir, (The Best is yet to Come) where she portrayed three different women characters.
Al derecho y al revés, (Upright and the other way round), Salvemos los delfines, (Save the dolphins), Cosas de papi y mami, (Daddy & Mommy's things), Teatruras de gala, (Gala Ball of theater belongings), Morisquetas, (Grimaces) & Nacionalmente correcta (Nationally correct) were among the theater productions Carbia performed as the leading lady.
In 1999, she returned to television, through Telemundo, Channel 2, starring in a new sit-com called Los Seijo Díaz, (The Seijo Diaz family), again opposite Juan Manuel Lebrón. It aired through 2003.

In 2005, she performed one of the leading roles, in the Puerto Rican film El Sueño del Regreso, (The Dream of a Come Back) produced and directed by the Puerto Rican film director Luis Molina Casanova. Also, she performed on stage, as a serious actress, portraying Helen Keller, in a drama stage production at the Raúl Juliá Theater, in Santurce.
Then, in 2007, she starred in the Puerto Rican musical Fuego a la Lata, (Fire Blast) at the Angel O. Berríos Performing Arts Center in Caguas, Puerto Rico.
Carbia served in her last days as the guest comedy star of the daily television talk show Contigo, (With you) broadcast by Tu Universo Television, WIPR-TV, channel 6, where the leading host is her daughter "Myraida Chavez". In addition to her guest appearances, she hosted her own daily talk show on radio station 940-AM.
On October 28, 2008 she was honored by San Juan, Puerto Rico Mayor Jorge Santini during the gala held to reopen the Tapia Theater in Old San Juan, which included a star-studded concert with Danny Rivera, Chucho Avellanet, Andy Montañez and Jackie Capó, the daughter of Bobby Capó. Carbia, who was ill, was accompanied by all her children, as well as other celebrities, such as astrologer Walter Mercado[1]. The next day, Santini honored her by dedicating the "Awilda Carbia Theater Café".

She passed away from Pneumonia at Ashford Presbyterian Hospital this afternoon.

She was a good friend to my family and I used to date Myraida in college. This is really a sad loss.

Here are some videos of her comedy routines.

Farewell, Doña Awilda. You will be missed!

And the Box Office Champion this week is...

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Nicolas Cage proved again to be a self-fulfilling prophet of the megaplex as his latest big-screen thriller, "Knowing," topped the North American box office this weekend with an opening tally of $24.8 million, according to studio figures on Sunday.
The sci-fi adventure, starring Cage as an astrophysicist who decodes an encrypted prophecy of global doom and races to save the world from cataclysm, marked the fifth-biggest movie opening of his career and his ninth No. 1 film since 1997.
Besides underscoring Cage's enduring appeal as one of Hollywood's most bankable heroes, the film's end-of-the-world scenario seemed to offer an ideal antidote for moviegoers weary of gloomy economic news.
"In a doomsday scenario, dollars and cents don't really matter anymore, and I think that's really appealing to people," said box office analyst Paul Dergarabedian, president of Media By Numbers. "Who cares about mortgages anymore if the world's going to blow up?"
Cage clinched his biggest opening in 2007 with "Ghost Rider," which grossed $45.4 million its first weekend, followed by his two "National Treasure" adventures with $44.8 million and $35.1 million. Those three films went on to gross well over $500 million domestically alone.
"The audience has pretty much bought Nicolas Cage as a big movie star, and they like him in roles where he seems to be unraveling a mystery of some sort," said Richard Fay, head of domestic distribution for Summit.
Fay said the film also benefited from having opened when many college students are home on spring break, though exit polls showed moviegoers over age 25 accounted for 60 percent of its audience.
"Knowing," released by independent distributor Summit Entertainment, easily beat out two other movies opening in wide release -- the male-bonding comedy "I Love You, Man" from Paramount Pictures, and Universal Pictures' international spy thriller "Duplicity," co-starring Julia Roberts and Clive Owen.
"I Love You, Man," featuring Paul Rudd and Jason Segel, opened at No. 2 with an estimated $18 million in U.S. and Canadian ticket sales for Friday through Sunday. Rudd and Segel previously appeared together in last year's "Forgetting Sarah Marshall," which Segel wrote, and the 2007 comedy "Knocked Up."
"Duplicity" grossed $14.4 million to land at No. 3 this weekend. Its co-stars, Roberts and Owen, previously appeared together in the 2004 romantic drama "Closer."
Last weekend's top movie, "Race to Witch Mountain," fell to fourth place with receipts of $13 million, while the superhero film "Watchmen" rounded out the top five at $6.7 million in its third weekend.
Horror remake "The Last House on the Left" slipped three notches to No. 6 in its second weekend with $5.9 million, while the kidnap thriller "Taken," starring Liam Neeson, grossed $4.1 million in its eighth weekend to fall to No. 7.
The Oscar-winning rags-to-riches hit "Slumdog Millionaire" eased two spots to No. 8 with $2.7 million. That brought its domestic tally after 19 weeks to $137.2 million.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Lifelike female robot unveiled, will do modeling show.

Ok, so the Japanese keep inventing for the future...

Here the newest kink...

This reminds me of "Battlestar Galactica", the show that ended yesterday. "Cylons were created by humans..."

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Natasha Richardson 1963-2009

A great Broadway and Hollywood actress, wife to actor Liam Neeson (Taken) passed away, after suffering brain death resulting from a fall while skiing in Canada while on vacation.

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Award-winning actress Natasha Richardson, a member of Britain's Redgrave acting dynasty, died on Wednesday at age 45 after a suffering a severe brain injury in a skiing accident in Canada earlier this week.
Richardson had been hospitalized in New York since Tuesday, surrounded by her husband, actor Liam Neeson, her two sons Michael, 13, and Daniel Jack, 12, and members of her immediate family including her mother, actress Vanessa Redgrave.
"Liam Neeson, his sons, and the entire family are shocked and devastated by the tragic death of their beloved Natasha. They are profoundly grateful for the support, love and prayers of everyone, and ask for privacy during this very difficult time," family spokesman Alan Nierob said in a statement.
Richardson followed her Oscar-winning mother and her father, the late film director Tony Richardson, into a career on stage and screen in England and the United States. She won Broadway's Tony Award in the 1998 musical revival, "Cabaret."
Richardson was injured on Monday when she fell on a beginners slope during a private ski lesson at the Mont Tremblant resort, about 75 miles north of Montreal.
A spokeswoman for the resort said she appeared to be in good condition after the fall, but her instructor called a ski patrol to take her to the bottom of the hill.
About an hour later, she complained of severe headaches and was admitted to a local medical facility before eventually being transferred to a Montreal hospital where she was diagnosed with severe brain trauma.
Tuesday afternoon with Neeson by her side she was flown to New York and admitted to the Lenox Hill Hospital where her family rushed to her bedside in her final hours.

Natasha was one of those character actresses that probably people wouldn't remember her name, but never forgot her face.
She will be missed.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

"Family Guy" wins one over Disney!

This lawsuit has finally settled! The mouse got trampled!

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Creators of the U.S. television show "Family Guy" did not infringe copyright when they transformed the song "When You Wish Upon a Star" for comical use in an episode, a U.S. judge ruled on Monday.
Music Publisher Bourne Co., the U.S. copyright owner of the song made famous in Walt Disney's "Pinocchio," sued Fox Broadcasting Co., creator Seth MacFarlane and producers in October 2007 for copyright breach.
The lawsuit said the song "I Need a Jew," featured in one of the animated show's episodes, was a thinly veiled copy of the music from 'When You Wish Upon a Star' coupled with "new anti-Semitic lyrics" and had done damage to the original.
But U.S. District Judge Deborah Batts ruled that the lyrics and tone of the song used in "Family Guy" were "strikingly different."
The judge also said it was fair for it to be imitated for humorous effect since the music publisher had benefited from the song's association with other more "wholesome" shows like "Pinocchio."
"It is precisely that beneficial association that opens the song up for ridicule by parodists seeking to take the wind out of such lofty, magical, or pure associations," she said.
The song, by composer Leigh Harline and lyricist Ned Washington, was introduced in 1940 in the movie "Pinocchio" and won an Academy Award for Best Original Song that same year. It has been recorded by more than 100 artists and orchestras.
Fox, owned by Rupert Murdoch's News Corp, initially did not distribute the controversial "Family Guy" episode in recognition of how offensive it was, the suit claimed.
It was eventually broadcast on the Cartoon Network in 2003 and has run at least 36 times in syndication and reruns.
Bourne Co. did not return a call seeking comment.

It's good to see that the big "D" can be taught a lesson every once in a while! They don't own the world! Just a piece of it!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

And the Box Office Champion this week is...

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – The Disney family adventure "Race to Witch Mountain" outran superhero movie "Watchmen" to take the top spot with $25 million in this weekend's contest at the North American box office.
The reworking of the 1975 action adventure "Escape to Witch Mountain" stars Dwayne ("The Rock") Johnson, who also headlined Disney's "The Game Plan."
"We had a big family audience, but about 20 percent of the audience was unaccompanied adults," said Mark Zoradi, president of the studios motion pictures group at Walt Disney Co. "There was a little bit of people looking back toward the first movie."
He declined to make overall projections for "Witch Mountain" but said, with schools out for spring break over the next few weeks, it looks to be "in for a good solid run."
"Watchmen," an adaptation of a cult comic book series, saw its weekend box office take fall 67 percent from a week earlier to $18.1 million, distributor Warner Bros Pictures said.
The drop was in line with expectations and similar to the one after openings of other "tent-pole" movies, said Jeff Goldstein, executive vice president and general sales manager of domestic distribution at the studio owned by Time Warner Inc.
He said the studio believes "Watchmen" has "tremendous staying power" and will make a projection for overall receipts next week.
The film's take for its first two weeks was $86 million.
The debut of horror film remake "The Last House on the Left" came in No. 3 for the weekend with $14.7 million.
Produced by Rogue Pictures/Universal Pictures, the film stars Tony Goldwyn and Monica Potter in a refashioning of Wes Craven's 1972 horror thriller.
It fell far short of the more than $40 million opening last month of another horror genre remake, "Friday the 13th."
Universal is a unit of General Electric Co's NBC Universal. Rogue is a unit of closely held Relativity Media.
Fox's Liam Neeson thriller "Taken" slipped to No. 4 with $6.7 million in its seventh weekend. It has earned $126.8 million to date. Fox is owned by News Corp.
Actor/writer/director Tyler Perry's "Madea Goes to Jail" dropped to No. 5 with $5.1 million, taking its haul to date to $83.2 million. The black-themed comedy was released by Lionsgate, a unit of Lions Gate Entertainment Corp.
No. 6 for the week, "Slumdog Millionaire," has so far earned $132.6 million, moving the tale of impoverished Indian orphans into the top-10 highest grossing Best Picture Oscar winners of all time, according to Sheila DeLoach, senior vice president of distribution at Fox Searchlight.

"Vampire" body found in Venice!

What! A "Vampire"! Read on...

Italian researchers believe they have found the remains of a female "vampire" in Venice, buried with a brick jammed between her jaws to prevent her feeding on victims of a plague which swept the city in the 16th century.

Matteo Borrini, an anthropologist from the University of Florence, said the discovery on the small island of Lazzaretto Nuovo in the Venice lagoon supported the medieval belief that vampires were behind the spread of plagues like the Black Death.

"This is the first time that archaeology has succeeded in reconstructing the ritual of exorcism of a vampire," Borrini told Reuters by telephone. "This helps ... authenticate how the myth of vampires was born."

The skeleton was unearthed in a mass grave from the Venetian plague of 1576 -- in which the artist Titian died -- on Lazzaretto Nuovo, which lies around three km (2 miles) northeast of Venice and was used as a sanitorium for plague sufferers.

More on this unusual story HERE!
Vampires. Right.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Parents Television Council complaints about "Family Guy"to the FCC.

The Parents Television Council, a fundementalist religious organization that opposes "indecency" on network and paid TV, has filed a complaint to the FCC about the March 8 episode of "Family Guy", feeling that it was too racy. According to them...

"Fox treated viewers to everything from an ‘eleven-way’ gay orgy to baby Stewie eating a bowl of cereal with horse sperm instead of milk … if that isn’t enough, the show’s leading character is also shown fanaticizing about his wife and moaning while a horse licks his bare behind. Clearly, the explicit content was not isolated to one instance in one segment of the show; it permeated the entire program."


To be fair, we here at the Les'Shyerar Laboratories and Fried Chicken Shack, have obtained a copy of the "offensive" clip...

Okay...Is anybody offended by it? Is God gonna strike you down because you watched this?

To further the case, Here's series creator Seth McFarlane's reaction to the PTC complaint...

"Oh, yeah. That’s like getting hate mail from Hitler. They’re literally terrible human beings. I’ve read their newsletter, I’ve visited their website, and they’re just rotten to the core. For an organization that prides itself on Christian values — I mean, I’m an atheist, so what do I know? — they spend their entire day hating people. They can all suck my d**k as far as I’m concerned."

The PTC reminds me of this group of people, that tried to tell people what to think, see, read, sing and hate. And they were all very good christians.

The National Socialist Workers Party, a.k.a. NAZIS!

You know what happened to them.

Sieg Heil to you PTC. And oh yeah...suck my d**k too!

More of this ahead...

Last Sunday, a mentally disturbed individual entered a church in Maryville Illinois and shot the pastor, before hurting 2 other people. Yesterday 28-year-old Michael McLendon went into a shooting spree that killed 10 people in Alabama before ending his own life. And now, this happened this morning;

WINNENDEN, Germany – A 17-year-old gunman dressed in black opened fire inside his former high school in southwestern Germany on Wednesday killing 15 people before he turned the gun on himself, authorities said.

The gunman entered the school in Winnenden at 9:33 a.m. after classes had begun and opened fire, shooting at random, police said. He killed nine students, three teachers and a passer-by outside the building, officials said. Two other people were killed later.

"He went into the school with a weapon and carried out a bloodbath," said regional police chief Erwin Hetger. "I've never seen anything like this in my life."

Triggering a land and air manhunt, the gunman hijacked a car and forced the driver to head south, sitting in the back seat, according to Stuttgart prosecutors, who are leading the investigation.

When the driver swerved off the road to avoid a police checkpoint, he managed to escape and the suspect, identified only as Tim K., ran into an industrial area in the town of Wendlingen with police in pursuit.

There he entered an auto dealership, shooting and killing a salesman and a customer, and then went back outside, prosecutors said.

"In front of the auto dealership the young man then opened fire toward the many police vehicles," prosecutors said. "A gunbattle ensued between the 17-year-old and the many police involved in the pursuit of him. According to our current information, the 17-year-old then shot himself."

Two police officers suffered serious but not life-threatening injuries.

Police said the suspect was a German teen who graduated last year from the school of about 1,000 students.

No motive has been identified. The victims were primarily female. In the school, eight girls and a boy were shot dead, along with three teachers.

In their hunt for the gunman, police searched his parents' home in a nearby town. The suspect's father, who is a member of a local gun club, had 16 firearms, one of which was missing, police said.

Police identified the weapon used in the attack as a high-caliber pistol.

The death toll was close to that of Germany's worst school shooting.

This is shape of things to come. As the financial crisis deepens, the people who were on the brink of mental illness will go over the edge, causing untold carnage and damage.

Things are going to get worse, before they get better.

But you can make it better.

If you see some signs of mental illness in your loved ones, co-workers or yourself, please seek medical help right away.

The lives you will save will be worth it!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

And the Box Office Champion this week is...

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – "Watchmen," an unorthodox superhero movie that took two decades to reach the big screen, took the No. 1 spot at the weekend box office in North America on Sunday, but fell a little short of expectations.
The adaptation of a cult comic book series sold an estimated $55.7 million in tickets in its first three days, distributor Warner Bros. Pictures said, becoming the biggest opening of the year.
But pundits had expected an opening in the $60 million-plus range, and the tally was considerably lower than the $71 million start two years ago for "300," the previous film from "Watchmen" director Zack Snyder. The ancient battle epic holds the record for a March opening. "Watchmen" ranks at No. 3.
"Our expectations were met," said Dan Fellman, president of domestic theatrical distribution at the Time Warner Inc-owned studio.
He said the film's 161-minute running-time inevitably affected business, restricting theaters to one main evening screening. Male moviegoers accounted for about two-thirds of the audience, with the "sweet spot" aged between 17 and 35, Fellman said.
The occasionally gruesome film, which cost about $120 million to make, revolves around a team of crime-fighters targeted in a dastardly plot with dangerous implications for mankind.
A relatively unknown cast plays a similarly obscure lineup of characters, including the vigilante Rorschach (Jackie Earle Haley), the naked blue giant Dr. Manhattan (Billy Crudup), and the occasionally topless Silk Spectre (Malin Akerman).
The project is based on the sprawling 1980s "Watchmen" comic books by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons, which were long considered unfilmable because of their multiple characters, violence, digressions and abundance of dialogue.
That did not stop studios such as Twentieth Century Fox and Paramount Pictures from attempting adaptations. Warner Bros. came aboard in late 2005, and brought on Snyder who was working on the effects-heavy "300" at the time.
But all the hard work on "Watchmen" was almost ruined earlier this year by a last-minute legal challenge from Fox, which claimed it held the distribution rights. Under a settlement announced in January, the News Corp-owned studio will take 8.5 percent of gross profits.
Warner Bros. is already sharing profits with closely held financier Legendary Pictures, its partner on "The Dark Knight," and foreign distributor Paramount. The Viacom Inc-owned studio opened the film simultaneously in much of the world. Sales data were not immediately available.
Top critics were largely underwhelmed by "Watchmen," according to Rotten Tomatoes (http://www.rottentomatoes.com), a web site that aggregates reviews.
After two weekends at No. 1, "Madea Goes to Jail" slipped to a distant No. 2 with $8.8 million, taking its 17-day haul to $76.5 million, a record for prolific actor/writer/director Tyler Perry. The black-themed comedy was released by Lionsgate, a unit of Lions Gate Entertainment Corp.
Fox's unstoppable Liam Neeson thriller "Taken" rose one place to No. 3 with $7.5 million in its sixth weekend. It has earned $118 million to date.

Was there any doubt?

Battlestar Galactica: The Second Coming

My dearest friend Lord Cybron, showed me this clip from Battlestar Galactica: The Second Coming. Produced in 1999 by Richard Hatch (The original Apollo, Tom Zarek in the new one), this was an attempt to produce a pilot to continue the original Glen Larson production. Here's the promo for it.

After 6 years the re-imagined BSG is winding down. Judging by the soap opera level this production has reached, this failed pilot looks better now than the re-imagined one.

Frakkin' Cylons!

Friday, March 6, 2009

"Watchmen" Saturday Morning Cartoon!

My friend Charleson Mambo showed me this You Tube video. It looks that it's a DVD copy from an original VHS from a TV show in the 80's. Yes, they committed the ultimate sacrilege. They made a 'Watchmen" Saturday Morning cartoon. This is the opening.

Actually it's a parody made by Harry Partdrige. He is very talented. The funny thing is, if Alan Moore would have sold out in the 80's, this could have been a reality!

Happy Watchmen day!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Play "Rock Band" with the Beatles!

Very welcome news for al us who are "Rock Band" and Beatles fan.

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Fans of The Beatles who have always wanted to sing alongside John and Paul, or rock with George and Ringo, will finally get their chance on September 9 when the band's much-anticipated videogame hits the shelves.

Apple Corps, which handles the affairs of the group, and Viacom Inc's MTV Networks on Thursday set the sale date and announced the software would be priced at $59.99. Fans can spend another $99.99 to buy instruments similar to those used by the groundbreaking rock and roll group.

"The Beatles: Rock Band" will be available simultaneously at locations in North America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand on 9/09/09 -- a date picked to acknowledge the significance of the number 9 for the band.

The videogame is based on MTV's popular "Rock Band" and will "allow fans to pick up the guitar, bass, mic or drums and experience The Beatles extraordinary catalog of music through gameplay that takes players on a journey through the legacy and evolution of the band's legendary career," the companies said in a statement.

More on this...Click Here!

Can't wait to play "Back in the USSR"!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Governor Furtuño uses a citizen as an example of sacrifice in this economic climate...who happens to be a convicted and registered sex offender!

Luis Fortuño has not started well his administration.

While in the midst of a recession in the States, President Obama's star continues to rise, due to his swift action in the economic front, here Governor Fortuño continues to stumble and fall. First because of his group of advisers in the economic front told him to raise taxes to the poor, now because of this.

Yesterday in a taped message to the people of Puerto Rico, Fortuño outlined his strategy to get the island out of the economic funk we are in. In between the bad news of more sin taxes and massive goverment layoffs (As much as 30,000 jobs, by some estimates), the Governor cited the example of one Agustin Torres Castellar, that sent a letter to the secretary of the local revenue service with a ten dollar bill, saying that if every working class citizen gave ten dollars a month, we could be out of this crisis fast. The Governor lauded this citizen, saying that his example should be "An inspiration to us all. Something to emulate".

What he didn't know was that Agustin is a convicted child molester, this stemming from a 1999 kidnapping case in which he took a 12 year old girl from the school he was working in as a teacher and fled with her to Texas, where he was arrested by the FBI and extradited to PR. He was given a two year sentence after he plead guity to the statuory rape charge. He was released in 2001 and he is now a registered sex offender with the local police and FBI.

Public relations misfire for the Governor, comedy gold for people like me!

Yup. Agustin is an inspiration to us all. But remember, please emulate the ten dollar thing, not the 12 year old girl example.

Enjoy! There's only 1383 days left until the next elections!

Spanish Prime Minister uses the F word in a press conference!

During a press conference in which the tourism between Spain and Russia was being explained, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, Spain's Prime Minister, commited a Freudian slip and really let loose what was on his mind at that moment.

For those who are not versed in the Spanish vernacular, "Follar" is the slang equivalent to "F#ck" in English.

To be fair, a lot of Spaniards go to Russia to "Follar". I mean what else there is see...The Kremlin? Laika the dog?

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

New Kaisen Promo! And new date-March 29, 2009

The new promo is up!

Remember Kaisen 5, March 29, 2009, Coliseo Ruben Rodríguez in Bayamón. From 9 am. to 6 pm.

Go there, have fun!

Monday, March 2, 2009

And the Box Office Champion this week is...

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Teen idols the Jonas Brothers got beaten up by a pistol-packing granny at the weekend box office in North America, failing to live up to the hype generated by their concert movie.
"Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience" came in at No. 2 with estimated three-day sales of $12.7 million, distributor Walt Disney Co said on Sunday. The studio had hoped for $15 million, which itself paled against wild industry forecasts that reached as high as $25 million.
The film's core audience of screaming young girls was evidently outnumbered by the older black women who ensured that "Madea Goes to Jail" logged a second term at No. 1.
The comedy about a tough-talking old lady earned $16.5 million, taking its 10-day total to $64.9 million. The Lionsgate release has already become the biggest of the six movies prolific filmmaker Tyler Perry has released since February 2005. Perry, 39, dons drag to play Madea, a character featured in many of his critic-proof films and plays.
Lionsgate is a unit of Lions Gate Entertainment Corp, in which activist investor Carl Icahn recently disclosed that he had taken a 14.3 percent stake.
Meanwhile, "Slumdog Millionaire" jumped two places to a new high of No. 3, on the heels of its eight Oscar wins last Sunday. The Mumbai-set romantic drama earned $12.2 million, the biggest haul for a best-picture winner in at least 10 years, said News Corp-owned distributor Fox Searchlight.
The three-day haul represented a 45 percent increase over last weekend's sales, thanks in part to a boost in the theater count by almost a third. British director Danny Boyle's film has earned $115.1 million after 16 weekends.
The disappointing No. 2 start for "Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience" is a rare setback for the fresh-faced siblings -- Kevin, 21, Joe, 19 and Nick, 16.
The best yardstick was Disney's hugely popular concert film "Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds," which opened to $31.1 million a year ago, and ended up with $65.3 million.
But the earlier film was originally scheduled to be a one-week-only engagement, which stoked feverish demand. On the other hand, "Hannah Montana" opened in 683 theaters, while "Jonas Brothers" was playing in 1,271 outlets. Cyrus is arguably a bigger act, with her own Disney Channel TV show. The Jonas Brothers' own show will not premiere on the cable network until the summer.
Disney distribution president Chuck Viane said he was not disappointed with the debut, suggesting that some of the more bullish forecasts were unrealistic. With the average 3D theater auditorium holding just 240 people, attendance was "very, very good," he said.
Overall ticket sales rose for the fourth consecutive weekend, and for the ninth time in 10 weekends. The populist offerings are providing recession-weary moviegoers with some modestly priced escapism, studio executives said.
Tracking firm Media by Numbers said revenues are up 17 percent at $1.8 billion so far this year, while the number of tickets sold is up 15 percent.
One of the biggest surprises of the year is the Liam Neeson thriller "Taken," which earned $10 million in its fifth weekend, rising one place to No. 4. Its tally stands at $108 million, giving the Irish actor his biggest headlining role. The movie, released by News Corp's Twentieth Century Fox, was produced and financed by French filmmaker Luc Besson.
Another female-driven movie, "He's Just Not That Into You," swapped places with "Taken," earning $5.9 million. The total for Warner Bros. Pictures' ensemble romance stands at $78.5 million after four weekends. The studio is a unit of Time Warner Inc.
Twentieth Century Fox had less success with the only other new entry in the top 10. "Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li" opened at No. 8 with $4.7 million. But the studio said it was distributing the film for a fee on behalf of closely held producer Hyde Park, and was happy with the debut.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Paul Harvey- Radio Pioneer: 1918-2009

Paul Harvey, one of the most known radio broadcasters in the US, has died. He was 90 years old.

Here's the obit...

CHICAGO – Paul Harvey, the news commentator and talk-radio pioneer whose staccato style made him one of the nation's most familiar voices, died Saturday in Arizona, according to ABC Radio Networks. He was 90.
Harvey died surrounded by family at a hospital in Phoenix, where he had a winter home, said Louis Adams, a spokesman for ABC Radio Networks, where Harvey worked for more than 50 years. No cause of death was immediately available.
Harvey had been forced off the air for several months in 2001 because of a virus that weakened a vocal cord. But he returned to work in Chicago and was still active as he passed his 90th birthday. His death comes less than a year after that of his wife and longtime producer, Lynne.
"My father and mother created from thin air what one day became radio and television news," Paul Harvey Jr. said in a statement. "So in the past year, an industry has lost its godparents and today millions have lost a friend."
Known for his resonant voice and trademark delivery of "The Rest of the Story," Harvey had been heard nationally since 1951, when he began his "News and Comment" for ABC Radio Networks.
He became a heartland icon, delivering news and commentary with a distinctive Midwestern flavor. "Stand by for news!" he told his listeners. He was credited with inventing or popularizing terms such as "skyjacker," "Reaganomics" and "guesstimate."
"Paul Harvey was one of the most gifted and beloved broadcasters in our nation's history," ABC Radio Networks President Jim Robinson said in a statement. "We will miss our dear friend tremendously and are grateful for the many years we were so fortunate to have known him."
In 2005, Harvey was one of 14 notables chosen as recipients of the presidential Medal of Freedom. He also was an inductee in the Radio Hall of Fame, as was Lynne.
Former President George W. Bush remembered Harvey as a "friendly and familiar voice in the lives of millions of Americans."
"His commentary entertained, enlightened, and informed," Bush said in a statement. "Laura and I are pleased to have known this fine man, and our thoughts and prayers are with his family."

More on this click here!

I used to hear Harvey since the 80's, and even if I didn't agree with his politics, he was a pleasure to listen.
My favorite Paul Harvey program? "The Rest of the Story"

Good Day Paul Harvey! You will be missed!