Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Governor Furtuño uses a citizen as an example of sacrifice in this economic climate...who happens to be a convicted and registered sex offender!

Luis Fortuño has not started well his administration.

While in the midst of a recession in the States, President Obama's star continues to rise, due to his swift action in the economic front, here Governor Fortuño continues to stumble and fall. First because of his group of advisers in the economic front told him to raise taxes to the poor, now because of this.

Yesterday in a taped message to the people of Puerto Rico, Fortuño outlined his strategy to get the island out of the economic funk we are in. In between the bad news of more sin taxes and massive goverment layoffs (As much as 30,000 jobs, by some estimates), the Governor cited the example of one Agustin Torres Castellar, that sent a letter to the secretary of the local revenue service with a ten dollar bill, saying that if every working class citizen gave ten dollars a month, we could be out of this crisis fast. The Governor lauded this citizen, saying that his example should be "An inspiration to us all. Something to emulate".

What he didn't know was that Agustin is a convicted child molester, this stemming from a 1999 kidnapping case in which he took a 12 year old girl from the school he was working in as a teacher and fled with her to Texas, where he was arrested by the FBI and extradited to PR. He was given a two year sentence after he plead guity to the statuory rape charge. He was released in 2001 and he is now a registered sex offender with the local police and FBI.

Public relations misfire for the Governor, comedy gold for people like me!

Yup. Agustin is an inspiration to us all. But remember, please emulate the ten dollar thing, not the 12 year old girl example.

Enjoy! There's only 1383 days left until the next elections!

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