Saturday, March 28, 2009

14 year old girl arrested after posting nude pictures of herself on My Space.

Came across this news article...

The charges could force the teenager from New Jersey, US, to register as a sex offender, if convicted.
Her arrest came as prosecutors across America pursue child pornography cases over kids sending naked photographs to one another by mobile phone and emails.
Social networking website MySpace would not comment on the New Jersey investigation, but the company has a team that reviews its network for inappropriate images.
Police arrested the girl after a tip-off from America's National Centre for Missing and Exploited Children.
Passaic County sheriff's spokesman Bill Maer said: "We consider this case a wake-up call to parents."
The girl posted the photos because "she wanted her boyfriend to see them," he said.
The teen was charged with possession of child pornography and distribution of child pornography.
She was released to her mother's custody.
If convicted of the distribution charge, she would be forced to register with the state as a sex offender under Megan's Law, said state Attorney-General Anne Milgram.
She also could face up to 17 years in jail, though such a stiff sentence is unlikely.
Some - including the New Jersey mother behind the creation of Megan's Law - criticised the trend of prosecuting teens who send racy text messages or post illicit photos of themselves.
Maureen Kanka's daughter Megan became the law's namesake after the seven-year-old was raped and killed in 1994 by a twice-convicted sex offender.
She said: "(The 14-year-old) should have an intervention and counselling, because the only person she exploited was herself." two cents...
I don't condone what she did. She did the wrong thing, out of 'love'. Let's face it, 14 year old kids were, are and will be immature. It's up to the parents to monitor their internet activities and to explain the sexualization of the media and how it affects them, and how to protect themselves online.
This girl should be grounded and her internet privileges revoked!
Having this clear, now I level my heavy guns on the New Jersey law enforcement and the Center for "Missing" and "Exploited" Children.
Where the hell is common sense in the US? Nowhere, it looks like! Charging a kid with producing child pornography and forcing them to register as sex offenders is like issuing speeding tickets at the Indy 500 car race. It doesn't make any sense!!!
This is another example of fascist America asserting itself. The George W. Bush legacy of lunacy is alive and well in Obama's America.
The Center should be looking for "Missing" and "Exploited" Children and saving them, not be looking at My Space. Let My Space police itself! Since when a non-profit became a law enforcement agency? Since it's not about saving children, but the acquisition of power and the expansion of a police state at the expense of our civil liberties.
Max out!

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