Friday, January 23, 2009

NPP "Senator" wants to spend public money on why the Family Dept. Logo doesn't have the color blue!

Proving the adage that "You get the goverment you deserve",NPP(New Progressive Party)Senator Mariíta Santiago wants to spend your hard earned cash in this pursuit of what she sees as a afront to her party image, asking for an investigation on why the Puerto Rico Family Department Logo, the color blue (by the way the color of her party) was missing.

We are not making this up!

This is for real!

This lady is a FRAKKING MORON!!!!

There were 26 women murdered by their husbands last year in PR. Hundreds of kids abused, neglected or sexually molested by somebody they knew. And this BIRDBRAIN is interested in this stupidity!!! Forget the suffering! THE COLOR OF THE NPP IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN A MUDERERED MOTHER, FATHER OR KID!!!!

You know who's fault is it that we have retards like this, right?

It was YOU!

You voted for this charlatans!

Now have them!!! Me, I'm in the sidelines, laughing my ass off at the stupidity all around me!!!

Serves you well Puerto Rico. FRAK YOU!

Thanks El Ñame!

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