Thursday, January 29, 2009

Cloning dogs is cheaper!

This sounds like something out of the movie "The 6th Day" with Arnold "The Governator" Schwarzenneger...

SEOUL (Reuters) - Cloning a Chow Chow is expected to be easier and perhaps as much as 50 percent less costly, a South Korean biotech firm said Thursday as it unveiled a new cloning technology.

But pet owners -- who have to shell out $100,000 or more to clone a pet dog -- will still have to pay tens of thousands of dollars if they want to clone their beloved dogs and should be prepared for long waits because most commercial canine cloning is for working animals including sniffer dogs at airports.

RNL Bio said it has developed a new method to clone dogs using stem cells derived from fat tissue that greatly increases the likelihood of success.

It added the new technology can also help in studying treatments of genetic disorders in canines that have similarities to human illnesses including diabetes.

"If we fully develop this technology, dog cloning will be much easier than now. We can reduce the cost for cloning," said Ra Jeongchan, the chief executive of Seoul-based RNL Bio.

Ra, which is applying for a patent, said two cloned beagle puppies were born in the past week using this method which could reduce the cost of cloning a pet dog to about $50,000 within three years.

More on this dog story here!

$50,000 to clone a dog!!!!!
Jeez!!!! What are they made!?

If you want a dog, adopt one! It's free!

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