Sunday, January 18, 2009

Danger! Danger! Bob May-The Robot in "Lost In Space" is dead!

Sci-Fi has lost another of it's cultural icon.

"Lost in Space" star Bob May, who played The Robot in the cult 60s TV show, has died of congestive heart failure at the age of 69.

May died overnight at hospital in California, his daughter Deoborah May told Associated Press.

The actor and stuntman worked on stage and screen for decades but was best known for The Robot, a role he claimed to have won by accident.

"He always said he got the job because he fit in the robot suit,'' said June Lockhart, who played Maureen Robinson.

"It was one of those wonderful Hollywood stories. He just happened to be on the studio lot when someone saw him and sent him to see (series creator) Irwin Allen about the part.

"Allen said, 'If you can fit in the suit you've got the job.'"

On the show The Robot always warned the Robinson family of approaching danger, and its catchphrase "Danger, Will Robinson" is still famous today.

However May didn't provide The Robot's voice, which belonged to Dick Tufeld.

In November last year May and his wife lost their home in a bushfire in the San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles, Associated Press reports.

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