Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Swine Flu Hysteria!

As in the last 5 days have been any indication, it looks that we are in the grips of an epidemic of biblical proportions. I'm talking about Swine Flu. The hysteria that the media has whipped up is making people nervous everywhere, especially in the States, Mexico and here in PR. Yet other countries are not nervous. Why? Because they can count! That's right! We are being bamboozled by the media so hard, that we forget that the math doesn't support the pandemic supposition.

Right now there are 1,000 cases of the disease in Mexico, 152 deaths (especially in very poor parts of the country, where medicine is only for the rich!)


There's 110 million people living in Mexico. 152 deaths against 110 million...

0.001 percent of the population of Mexico is infected.

It's a bad flu...but not a pandemic.

More people die in Mexico of bad water and drug killings daily than from the Pig Flu!

In the States...50 cases in 5 states. No deaths!

In a country that has 400 million people.

That's 0.0001% of the population!

You have a better probability that Somali Pirates will kidnap you that you will get the Flu!

I'm not saying that you don't take care. Wash your hands constantly. But don't panic!!!!

Don't buy into the hysteria!!!!! Use your head!!!!!

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