Sunday, April 26, 2009

Two tourists lost in el Yunque Mountain, found safe and sound.

Usually, these stories happen a lot in our big rain forrest. Kenisha Campbell, 32 and Venetta Harris, 31 from Georgia got lost while hiking near the Mameyes and Cristal rivers at 8:00 pm. Friday night.
"In their enjoyment, they forgot that the park closed. When they got disoriented trying to get back, they got on their cell phones and called 911, but poor reception in the area made communications almost impossible. Luckily they were found at 11:30 am. yesterday" said police officer José Linares of the Fajardo district.

They were treated for insect bites and exposure, but released on site and returned to their hotel.

Cool...a happy ending and a great story to tell back home!

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