Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Death Star over San Francisco!

For those who don't! Believe now!!!

This goes to show you how anybody can fake a UFO sighting!

It would have been better to see the Enterprise there. After all, this is SF, home to Starfleet Academy!

Face it, Star Trek is now way cooler that Star Wars!


Sarah said...

This... is... SO... COOL!Best scene: TIE Interceptor streaking across the bay.

Worst scene: landing shuttle.

Aeeryn said...

I gotta agree, anyone with a 'puter and the necessary know-how can fake almost anything.
Now there is nothing better than swinging a piece of fine steel at an enemy and hearing it sing its song of menace as it slices thru muscle and sinew... oops sorry, I kind of get carried away when I think of smitting evil. Just let me loose at la legislatura!!!!!