Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Of Jimmy Arteaga, Puertorrican culture and insulting people in foreign country.

I tried my best to steer away from the issue of Jimmy Arteaga, vice president of Programing for Channel 4 here in San Juan. This personage that is native to Peru, has come here to "straighten out" the programming problems of Channel 4 against the invasions of Channel 2 by NBC-Universal and Channel 11 by Univision.

The funny thing that instead of bolstering local programing with foreign products, he has continue to cancel local TV shows, that have solid ratings, leaving dozens of tecnicians and actors without work. But this doesn't end here. In a severe case of nepotisim, Mr. Arteaga has put a lame TV show called "Monica en confianza" on a prime slot. Monica is Arteaga's Wife!

To make matters worse, during an interview with MariCarmen Aviles, in which she was pitching an idea for a morning kids tv show, he was qouted as saying that "...don't bring me a show made by Puertorricans! They are lazy people and don't know how to produce tv!"

Really Mr. Arteaga?

Fast facts:

TV in Peru was inagurated officially in 1958.

We have been doing TV in Puerto Rico since 1954. A full 4 years before Peru!

I've been in the business for almost 30 years, and I'm still surprised that people that are not from these parts do this kind of crap!

If I go to Peru and insult the TV professionals there, the least of my troubles will be my drive to the airport after being deported! It will be getting out of there alive!

But here, because we have no say on our affairs in communications (after all it's run by the FCC in Washington), we have to get slapped in the face and we have to grin and bear it!

Or do we have to?

It's all up to you! Write, protest! Shout "I'm as mad as hell, and I'm not gonna take it anymore!" Boycott WAPA TV. Don't watch "La Comay" or "Noticentro 4"
Watch WIPR TV (6) or WPRV TV (13). They are the last bastions of Puertorrican programming left.

Be proud of being who you are! Never give up!

Kick Jimmy Arteaga to HELL!

Max Out!

P.S. - Here's an article written by comedian Silverio Pérez on the situation.

Also an article here when he left Peru in 2005, in disgrace!

A Jimmy Arteaga article in 2003, when he was accused of criminal fraud by the authorities!

Here's my friend Junior Alvarez when he made the accusations against Mr. Arteaga, and his response to allegations of Xenophobia.


Sings-With-Spirits said...

I have something to say about peruvian television: You don't see (m)any peruvian telenovelas in the international market.

Want to know why?

Because they suck. There is no sugar-coating it; quality standards are pretty darn low. The actual people doing the actual work are hard-working individuals who perform their jobs well, but the people in charge; writers, producers and directors are the same nepotic talentless "elite" that sunk peruvian TV back in the 70's in a way that has not allowed it to recover.

We may look down our noses at local PR programming, but compared to post local peruvian TV, it is pure gold.

Yeah, I had to suck up thee frakkin' months of peruvian crap-TV once... I speak from personal experience.

Hector said...
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Hector said...

I'm still surprised that this guy hasn't been shot yet by walking the streets of PR lol

Those TV shows are the ones that i used to watch the most when i lived in the island. Sunshine was and IS the shit... Ojeda was the grandpa of politic analytics in PR, NOBODY BETTER THAN HIM, it's sad that i can't watch these shows anymore on cable here in the US :(

from the bottom of my heart i got three words for this guy

FUCK YOU ARTEAGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!