Friday, October 2, 2009

Rio de Janeiro will host the 2016 Summer Olympics

In a stunning victory, Rio De Janeiro in Brazil, won the bid to become the first South American city to host the XXXI Summer Olympic Games in 2016. Rio triumphed over other cities like Chicago, Madrid and Tokyo, who also had bids for the 2016 games. Rio was the shoo-in favorite as already North America has hosted the Olympics 6 times (1904-St Louis-USA/ 1932-Los Angeles-USA/ 1968-Mexico City-Mexico/ 1976-Montreal-Canada/ 1984-Los Angeles-USA/ 1996-Atlanta-USA), Europe has done it 13 times (1896-Athens-Greece/ 1900-Paris-France/ 1908-London-UK/ 1920-Antwerp-Belgium/ 1924-Paris-France/ 1928-Amsterdam-Netherlands/ 1936-Berlin-Germany/ 1948-London-UK/ 1960-Rome-Italy/ 1972-Munich-West Germany/ 1980-Moscow-USSR/ 1992-Barcelona-Spain/ 2004-Athens-Greece) and will host the next one (2012-London-UK) and Asia has done it 3 times (1964-Tokyo-Japan/ 1988-Seoul-South Korea/ 2008-Beijing-China)

The only other continent that has not hosted the Summer Olympiad, apart from Antartica (Humm...Winter Olympics?), is Africa. Maybe Cairo, Nairobi or Johannesburg in 2020? Who knows?

¡¡¡Parabéns Brasil!!! See you in 2016...if I have the money!

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