Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Frank Miller talks about a "300" Sequel!

In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, graphic novelist Frank Miller discusses his follow-up to his major hit, 300! The project, titled Xerxes, is set 10 years previous to 300 and there is already interest in turning it into a film. Considering the original earned $456 million at the box office, we're not surprised!

"It's the battle of Marathon through my lens," said Miller of the project. "I've finished the plot and I'm getting started on the artwork."

He's taken research trip to Greece and learned that the history and myth begin to blur, which only helps the story.

"The fact and the myth are inseparable and, believe me, when you go sailing for a while in the Aegean Sea, you start believing in Poseidon," he continued.

A prequel to 300? What do you think?

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Sings-With-Spirits said...

I don't know... "Xerxes" does not evoke the same simplicity and awe generated by a title like "300".

I wonder if they will call it "302" or something stupid like that...