Thursday, December 20, 2012

An end of year rant!

Hello all! The new and improved "Rice, Beans and Razor Blades" will be coming starting January 2013. 

Now a few comments on the happenings of the past few weeks.
"La Comay" and "The Lambon"

Every week, a new fresh outrage has captivated our already tired and overflowing minds. Jose Enrique's assassination in Caguas, for which four teenagers have been accused. Of course, the crime was horrible enough. Then Kobbo Santarossa with "La Comay" made the situation explosive with comments implying that he brought that on himself, for picking the killers in Padial St. in Caguas. I actually don't watch "La Comay", so I really don't give a flying fuck what a foam rubber doll says about anybody. What caught my attention was the reaction, no, overreaction by both sides for and against "La Comay". The boycott is stupidity at it's finest. Puertorricans are a contentious lot, usually for the wrong reasons and causes. This boycott and the defenders of "La Comay" are, in my view, a bunch of fucking jerks with too much time on their hands. Fuck them both! If you want to boycott "La Comay", it's easy. DON'T WATCH THE GODDAMNED SHOW!!!!. And if you watch, THEN GO FUCK YOURSELVES!!!! 

Two (soon to be) dickless wonders.
Then there's these two fucking twits that murdered the foster mother of one of them, just because mommy did not let him use the car. What kind of person murders the only human being that loves you unconditionally, no matter what, and while she was sleeping, compounding their cowardice. An asshole, that's who! I hope both these little bitches get gang raped in prison, have their balls and dicks cut off and become the prison bitches! Death is too good for them! MAY THEY PULL A TRAIN ON YOU, BITCHES!!!!

Adam Lanza, COD player and all around Fuckhead!

At this point, my outrage was at a boiling point, when news came out of Newtown, Conn. that another crazy stupid cunt called Adam Lanza, killed his mother while she was sleeping, (See how cowards act the same all over.) and then went on a killing spree inside Sandy Hook Elementary, killing 26 people, 20 of them little innocent children. Wow, what a man Adam Lanza was. I don't care if he was autistic or what the fuck he was, if he wanted to go in blaze of infamy, why didn't he go to a drug-trafficking controlled neighborhood and shot the drug dealers there. He would have died, but at least some good would have come out of it. I guess six year olds were a better target for a coward like him. They don't shoot back. ROT IN HELL ASSHOLE!!!!!

The lovely couple...
And to top this off, comes news this week that an irresponsible couple (she, a girl that can't keep her legs closed, he, a federal fugitive and all around abuser), that drowned their little five month old in milk, and covered their crime by putting the little body in the fridge, for a week! What they were thinking?!? To cook it in Christmas?!? Jeebus! That's why I believe in Parenting Licences, to be given at the DMV or CHS office. If you prove that you are a fit parent in a series of tests and exams with test baby dummies, before you get married. If you can take care of a baby, then you get a license, renewable every six years. If your are irresponsible or abusive, your license gets revoked. No contact with that child or to rear any other. I know it's a crazy idea, then again, it's better than my alternative of stripping the flesh off them before presenting them to a bunch of hungry mountain lions. The whole affair will be televised and transmitted on the Internet. HOPE BOTH YOU GET ASS RAPED IN PRISON!!!!!

With all of this, I would like to end this rant with the following...


I really hope that 2013 is better than this crappy year has been.

And I'm out of here...


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Sings-With-Spirits said...

You know well that "La Comay" is never watched in my home, but I will say this:
NOTHING was said by La Comay that had not been already mentioned by the police to news media the very first day of the case; I had wondered myself at the odd circumstances of the case long before La Comay had made the comments.

Keep in mind that the "people" (read: single loser) that called for the boycott live in the US and don't watch local news media.

You want to boycott something? Fine. But at least do so for the RIGHT reason, not for repeating what the entire island already knew!


The dickless wonders... what a pair of idiots. I've said it before; we need to pass a law that makes particularly stupid acts punishable by law as misdemeanors or felonies; get charged with misdemeanor criminal stupidity and the judiciary and enforcement arms of government can call you an idiot all they want and you can do diddly about it. Felony upgrade allows EVERYBODY to do so, so that little kids on the street can legally point at you and their parents can call you an asshole as response. Anny aggravating issues get the suffix "pendejo criminal" leggaly appended to your name, so it appears on your driver's license, passport and all legal documents.

If the crime lands you in jail, you get a lifetime supply of KY jelly...


Adam Lanza... wow... at least Ossama Bin Laden finally gets a bitch-ass to fuck while in hell... and he comes with a lifetime supply of KY jelly!


The fridge folks. The first time I heard the "original" story (i.e. lie), y'know: "he took my baby and stuck him in the fridge to shut him up whilst I was locked in a room... for five days...", I thought it made no sense.

Seriously; let's take the horror of what was done out of the equation: what the fuck was he going to accomplish with that? I'm a mother and I'll break down walls with my bare hands to get help!

Was it an accident? Maybe; it's sad, but babies do die that way... but it's the lies and cover up that really get my blood boiling. In a way, the kid is better off in heaven, watching Ossama ass-fuck Adam Lanza on pay-per-view, than he was with such asshole parents as those two pendejos criminales.

Their KY supply is on the way. Until then, pepper spray is pretty oily...