Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Dominick Dunne 1925 - 2009

The Celebrity Grim Reaper strikes again!

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Veteran American author and journalist Dominick Dunne died of cancer in New York on Wednesday, his long-time employer Vanity Fair magazine said.
Dunne, who was 83, joined Vanity Fair in 1984 and covered such high-profile stories as the O.J. Simpson trial and the impeachment of President Bill Clinton.
He was also known for his profiles of the rich and famous, including Elizabeth Taylor and Claus von Bulow.
Dunne was a prolific author as well, with books including "People Like Us" (1988) and "An Inconvenient Woman" (1990).

Apart from all this, Dominick Dunne lived a tragedy no parent should have to endure, as his daughter, actress Dominique Dunne (Poltergeist, V ) was killed by her live-in boyfriend on Halloween, 1984. He beacme a victims advocate and covered the trial of the murderer for Vanity Fair.

The killer died in 1992 of a drug overdose.

May you have peace, Dominick.

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