Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Plot above Marilyn Monroe still available! Bidder pulls out!

4.6 million is a lot to pay for a final resting place, but such was the outlandish bid a Japanese made on eBay for the crypt that lies directly above Marilyn Monroe. And he won!

Only problem is he doesn't have 4.6 million dollars, so he is backing out of the deal!

On Monday, he sent off an email to the widow, Elsie Poncher, whose husband presently resides in the crypt, saying: "I am awfully sorry, but I need to cancel this because of the paying problem."

Yeah, people do expect you to pay them when you say they will!

Now, Elsie's lawyers will email the 11 other bidders who bid at least 4.5 million dollars, giving them 24 hours to submit new offers.


Sings-With-Spirits said...

Maybe he just realized that there would be a SLAB OF FRAKKING CEMENT spoiling his view of MM's remains...

Maxarathiel Les'Shyerar said...

Plus, that you have to be DEAD in order to enjoy your purchase.