Thursday, April 22, 2010

It was 10 years ago today. Remember Elián González?

On April 22, 2000, the Elián González saga came to an end in the early hours in the morning on a hushed Hialeah street.

The boy, who was taken by his mother on the perilous 90 mile illegal boat trip from Cuba to Key West, was the center of controversy between the United States and Cuba. Elián's distant relatives claimed that her mother, who drowned when the boat capsized, had wanted that Elián stayed in America. His father, still living in Cuba, was asking for his son to be returned, and to resume a normal life in that island.

At the end International law prevailed, and in a daring raid, Elián was whisked away by FBI agents to be reunited with his dad and back home to Cuba.

If you are asking whatever happened to Elián, well he's 16 now, and a member of the Pioneers, the cadre of Communist party cadets.

In an antiquated political system, that holds to the ideas of a discarded cold war, it's almost quaint to see little Elián playing Political Officer.

What will happen in another 10 years. Probably Elián will become a Tele-communications executive with ATT.

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