Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Another crazy funeral in Puerto Rico!

Remember in 2008, when we chronicled the saga of the Stand-up stiff Dead Guy? You know the one that wanted to be "standing up" on his funeral? Well, you been upstaged son.

Meet "Ghost Rider"!

22 year old bike messenger David N. Morales Colón was shot and killed in Barrio Obrero last Thursday. As his last wish, he wanted to be on his favorite motorcycle in his wake. The same funerary home that prepared the other guy, got the assignment and displayed this garish event!

Seriously, we have to stop doing this kind of crap. It really cheapens us.

Then again, it looks kind of funny. It doesn't look as creepy as the other guy.

He will be interred today in a regular casket, not on his motorcycle!

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Sings-With-Spirits said...

While I do know at least one person who would kill to be buried in a starfleet uniform *quack!*, this is way WAY up there on the list of stupid things to do for your own wake.

Yes, I can imagine a couple of stupider things, but I'm not mentioning them here so as to not give out ideas.

OTOH, his family believes it was an appropriate display for him and they are happy with it, so if it makes them happy, I can accept a little stupidity that does not harm anyone.