Monday, August 18, 2008

A really stiff guy!

As I said, things can't ever get any weirder. Then things like this happen.

Pedro Pantojas Medina, 24, of the Quintana public housing complex, was your typical urban thug. Bragging of toughness, garish jewelry or "Bling", New York Yankees Cap and urban clothing that fit more in a cold urban setting and not in a hot tropical island. Probably he dabbled or knew people that dabbled in the drug trade. Well, probably that dabbling is what got him killed last week of seven bullets to his body.

The twist is that he told his parents that in case that he was killed, he didn't wanted to have a normal wake. You know, casket, candles, the whole kit and caboodle. Nope, he told them that he wanted to be dressed in his best 'gangsta' regalia and to be propped up in a corner of the house so he could look tough, even after death.

So his parents complied, and there he is.

A garish spectacle.

This played out in the Quintana complex in San Juan. After this weird ceremony he was interred at the Cipreses Cemetery in Bayamón, probably in a proper casket, after all the law in PR says that you have to be interred in one, unless your religion says otherwise.

You see, things can get weirder. Good Riddance, Pedrito. You life was uneventful, even stupid. But you gave us a parting image in your death. One we will never forget.

As for me, I want cremation!

UPDATE 8-19-08

His mother talked to reporters from "Primera Hora" and she acquiesced to her only son's bizarre request because he asked for it in the last year, because he knew he will die soon! And that she didn't know that he dabbled in drugs!


If he knew he was going to die, he was!!!!
Nobody asks for this bizarre send off if he was not in this type of business!
He was shot eleven times and left to die only in his skivvies in Martin Peña Bridge!

What a JERK!!!!

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