Monday, August 18, 2008

"Talento de Barrio"

The new film breaking "records" in PR is not "The Dark Knight"(still playing to packed houses even after 4 weeks of showings). It's "Talento de Barrio", the new urban movie staring Daddy Yankee.

I was lucky to receive a screener of the movie, as I have my contacts with some of the production crew that worked in the movie (Almost 4 years ago!).
I was pleasantly surprised with the film. Not with Daddy Yankee's performance, he can't act his way out of a paper bag, but by the serious and great way that it portrays the living conditions in the public housing in PR, where most of the people are forgotten by the politicians, except during elections time, where they promise them everything, and afterward, they get tossed away, to be forgotten for four years more, only to be abused by the police.

Yesterday, I went to Plaza Escorial movie theaters to see "The Dark Knight" again (Yes, it's that good!), and saw the lines for "Talento de Barrio". Afterward when we left the showing, I was seeing the people filing out of the movie. The thing I saw was that regular people were raving about the movie, the urban kids or 'reggaetoneros' were in shock. They liked the movie, but they were expecting a stupid fest like those 'urban movies' from the states. What they got was a lesson in reality.

I recommend this movie. Please go and see it! It's that good! It gives a boost to the Puertorican movie industry. Two thing thou, 1- Daddy Yankee, you're not an actor, let the professional deal with it and 2- Next time you do a poster, please give credit to the film crew that worked on it. You didn't do the movie alone, you jerk!!!!

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