Thursday, August 21, 2008

Book 'er Dano, while she DIES!!!!

Ok, OK. It's still getting weirder! First the dude who wanted his body in a wake to be standing up and now this.

The lady's name was Dinorah Rodríguez López, 39, from Carolina. 15 days ago she was accused of theft and booked normally. Released on bail, she was picked up yesterday on new charges of identity theft. Her bail was revoked and was informed that she will have to spend the night in jail before facing the judge. While on court, feigning illness, she excused herself to the bathroom, where she ingested a large amount of the drug Percocet.

When she didn't come back from the bathroom, court marshals went in, found her unconscious, and instead if taking her to the hospital, she was taken to the police station where she was booked while she was dying!

Seeing that her condition was getting worse, she was taken to the public hospital at Puerto Nuevo, where she died.


What the hell is wrong with the people in this place!!!!!

Whatever she did, she didn't deserve to die like that!!!!

Is it me or the people in Puerto Rico are getting stupider by the minute!!!!

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