Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Fool that predicted end of the world, moved to a nursing home.

Harold Camping, the Alameda preacher who falsely claimed that the rapture would come on May 21, has been put in a nursing home. In addition to having his radio show yanked form the airwaves, the 79 89-year-old soothsayer could face the remainder of his life (presumably) inside an assisted-living facility.

"Camping's daughter confirmed that Camping moved from an area hospital to a skilled nursing home where he is undergoing therapy and rehabilitation to build is strength," reports SF Weekly.

Camping, if you recall, suffered a stroke on June 9.

As far as the failed rapture goes, Camping rescheduled the apocalypse start date to October 21, 2011.

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Sings-With-Spirits said...

You mean RE-rescheduled...