Friday, July 22, 2011

The Sitting Dead Man.

In life his name was Carlos Cabrera. He used to live in the San José area of the San Juan Metroplex. He was a Gulf War Vet, that was loved and admired by his neighbors and family. He was killed last week, defending a boy from a couple of guys beating him with a baseball bat. He got hit in the head and died of his injuries. His last request was that his wake was in the favorite place in the area, the basketball court and in his favorite meditative position, with his favorite Salsa music blasting all around, no casket until the funeral, please.

So the family did just that. And another myth of Puerto Rican folklore has been created. The Sitting Dead Man. Following in the footsteps of other unusual wakes like "El Muerto Para'o" (The Standing Dead Man, article here) and "El Muerto en Motora" (Motorcycle Dead Guy, Article here.)

There was a Dead Guy on an Ambulance, but seriously, there's a lot of dead people on ambulances anyway.

From now on, Carlos Cabrera, known before as "Che Cabrera" (He was an ardent fan of Che Guevara) will be forever known as "El Muerto Senta'o" (The Sitting Dead Man)

May he rest in Peace.

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Sings-With-Spirits said...

The Che references were a bit thick, but at least the guy deserved a sendoff of his liking; he was a hero and died like one.

Hey... heard that Amy Winehouse died?