Thursday, September 18, 2008

At last an investigation on the question; Is there life after death?

Is one of the pivotal questions of our existence...Is there a God? Do we live after death? How come we still vote for politicians after they lie to us? George W. Bush, why eight years of this guy? Why our girlfriends always say "nothing" when we ask them if something is wrong? Who is this CODA and why is it taking so much money out of my paycheck?

Well scientists are going to tackle the life after death question. The others, you are on your own, buddy!

Read the excerpt.

A large study is to examine near-death experiences in cardiac arrest patients.

Doctors at 25 UK and US hospitals will study 1,500 survivors to see if people with no heartbeat or brain activity can have "out of body" experiences.

Some people report seeing a tunnel or bright light, others recall looking down from the ceiling at medical staff.

The study, due to take three years and coordinated by Southampton University, will include placing on shelves images that could only be seen from above.

To test this, the researchers have set up special shelving in resuscitation areas. The shelves hold pictures - but they're visible only from the ceiling.

More on this BBC story here!

I still believe there is nothing out there, but if there is scientific evidence to the contrary, I'll be first one to dance the jig!!!

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