Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Is Pakistan going to war with the US?

Have the US frakked up relations so much in the quagmire that is the Afghanistan/Iraq wars, that one of his allies is turning against them? Apparently so! Look at an excerpt of what Pakistan is saying to their former "allies".

Pakistan's army spokesman has made clear that its forces will not tolerate incursions into Pakistani territory.

His remarks come a day after Pakistani troops were reported to have fired shots into the air to stop US troops crossing into South Waziristan.

Tension is rising in Pakistan over an increase in US attacks along the border with Afghanistan.

The rest of this story from the BBC is here!

Man! The US is going down in flames! The wars are going bad, the economy is worse! Four more years of Republicans and the US will blow up!

Then again...I would love to see it! Just to say; I told you so!

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