Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Today is "El Grito De Lares" (The Lares Outcry)

On September 23, 1868, a hundred and forty years ago today, a group of revolutionaries tried to sieze the island by force to then break away from Spain and declare Puerto Rico an independent country.

Their revolution failed.

On September 23, 2005, a group of federal marshalls and FBI agents trapped and then killed Filberto Ojeda Rios, the mastermind behind the Wells Fargo heist and leader of the Boricua Popular Army (Ejercito Popular Boricua) also known as the Macheteros.

His death is yet to be avenged by the Macheteros.

I bring this to the forefront today, as I'm a beliver in the independence of this country...(Then how come you write in the invader's language, you may ask? That, little Adam, it's another story!). And I ask this question...Are we closer to independence from the US now?

To me the answer is NO!

A lot of my Puertorrican bretheren are very close to the US, more out of the love of money than pure patriotism. Most of them would like to join the US as a state, still believing that the US would welcome us.

Naive a-holes!

And the fault of all this lies in our Independence movement. They haven't done anything to forward the cause. With their petty squabbles, they have lost their focus.

Naive a-holes!

The 23 of September is a reminder that the independence of Puerto Rico is an excercise in futilty!

Good frakking luck!

Me, I like to remember the 23 of September as the birthday of my grandfather, born in 1901. He would have been 107 today had he lived.

Happy Birthday Pappy!

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