Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Girl throwing puppies in river identified!

We have a prime suspect for this crime!

Her name is Antonia Miskic. She's a sixteen(?)year old girl from Bosnia. She's clearly speaking Croatian with a bosnian accent.

Her brother taped her disposing of the puppies. After this, he defended himself on a Bosnian forum saying that the disposal of the puppies was "The humane thing to do".

Yeah, that's what Hitler said about the Jews too!

What will happen to this devil girl and her actions. Probably nothing. After all, they live in a country where a civil war almost 15 years ago, showed the worst atrocities ever done on a battlefield. Drowning puppies is not the worse for them, by far! But it's good to know that if you're stupid enough to tape your stupid actions and put them on the Internet, bad things can happen to you.

Remember, Big Brother and Little Brother ARE watching you!

Prepare for the wrath of the Internet, girl!


Blue said...

The wrath of the internet is currently focused on a girl from Germany whose name (and address, telephone number, school info,...) was also thrown around by those self appointed investigators who didn't care about collateral damage.
Seriously, these people who make death threats on facebook and youtube now against any blonde girl are worse than the puppy thrower.
PLEASE withhold her name until confirmed. This is a real witch hunt and nobody seems to realize that the future of innocent girls is getting destroyed!

Sings-With-Spirits said...

"The humane thing to do?" The sickening feeling of weightlessness before landing hard on the water's surface... and possibly the rocks below, followed by panic as they try to stay above the surface before succumbing to the freezing water and drowning.

I can think of a couple dozen more humane ways of disposing of the puppies... including ways of killing them quickly, painlessly and humanely.

What's really appaling is that they are actually trying to justify their actions as "humane".

Well, It's likely that nothing will happen to them (legally speaking); most countries do not have animal cruelty laws.

Now my obligatory cold-blooded statement:

What a waste... Cruella DeVil could've put those puppies to good use...