Monday, September 20, 2010

Sally Davies and her "Happy Meal Project". What to expect from a McDonalds Hamburger.

It's pretty much conventional wisdom that you don't head to McDonald's for a healthy treat. And, if you've seen "Fast Food Nation" or "Super Size Me", you'll know that the chain's offerings have got a whole lot of icky ingredients. Though we don't really like to think about that while munching on a Big Mac, NYC artist Sally Davies did, creating the Happy Meal art project that provides evidence that Mickey D's food really is the worst crap you can put in your body. Davies took a Happy Meal sized burger and fries, put it on her living room table, and as Bravo says, decided to "watch what happens." She photographs said meal every day, and 155 days into the project (with no end in sight), the results are remarkable in the fact that they're really unremarkable. To our eyes, the burger and fries look exactly on the same on day 1 as on day 155. Yummy! Hungry yet?
Sally Davies Photos!

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Sings-With-Spirits said...

There is a discernible difference between the first one and the last one, mainly in colour and dessication, but it's terribly unfair to just judge by sight; the bread can be used to strip plaster from walls, the meat can be used as HMMWV tire patches and the fries are sold as bouncy collectibles to gullible middle school kids; not to mention that the smell would be... unappetizing.