Friday, July 18, 2008

More info on the death of Glendaly Vigoreaux

This is the info published by AP;

Police in Glendale County, Arizona confirmed yesterday that 44-year-old Glendaly Vigoreaux Echevarría, daughter of the late [Puerto Rican] TV producer Luis Vigoreaux and actress Lydia Echevarría, was found dead by her husband Paul Hacker in their home on Frier Drive in Glendale, Arizona.

According to Glendale Police report PD 08-77459 signed by Sergeant Jim Toomey, agency detectives are investigating Glendaly Vigoreaux's death as a suicide, as confirmed by the autopsy performed by the Maricopa County Medical Examiner's Office.

The report indicated that officers responded to a call on Tuesday, July 15 at 9:58 AM from the residence of Glendaly Vigoreaux and Paul Hacker on Frier Drive.

Vigoreaux and Hacker were married, although the former kept her maiden name.

According to the report, Hacker told police officers that he left his house around 7:30 AM and returned shortly thereafter, finding Vigoreaux lifeless on the floor. The body had a bullet wound to the head. A semiautomatic caliber .380 revolver was found at the scene. Forensic and physical evidence is consistent with a self-inflicted shooting.

Officials with the Maricopa County Medical Examiner's Office performed an autopsy and concluded that the manner of death points to suicide.

The reason for Vigoreaux to take her life is unknown.

For his part, Vigoreaux's uncle and Lydia Echevarría's brother Rafael Miranda Rodríguez said yesterday that "at 4:00 PM, I spoke to Lydia from the airport in Houston - which means she has not arrived - and told me that [Glendaly's sister] Vanessa – who is in Glendale, in front of the house – told her that it was full of paparazzi, worse that here."

Miranda revealed that "it was finally confirmed to Lydia, after Glendaly's autopsy, that it was a suicide. Glenda's husband Paul had not told her due to all her health conditions such as diabetes, heart conditions, and thyroid. Seeing her so desperate about the illnesses, he made the decision not to say [anything] about the suicide. That is the scenario Lydia faced. And Vanessa is over there. Paul practices target shooting and had new-automobile dealerships."

Miranda indicated that "Paul is traumatized because he had never lived that experience among celebrities, and said that seeing all those photographers was a horrible thing. For now, the body will be brought home for a wake."

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