Friday, July 25, 2008

Prostitution Day, Colony Day and Martyrs Day

Today is Prostitution Day. Also is Non exsistent status day and Martyrs and fools day. The 25th of July is an infamous date in Puertorrican history.
On this date in 1898, the United States Army invaded us during the Spanish-American War,converting us into one of their colonies, doing something that they fought the British in 1776. The colonized became the colonizers.
In 1952 the government inaugurated the Estado Libre Asociado de PR (The Free Associated State of PR? Huh? Does that even exists?), some of them call them The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. Another name for a colony.
In 1978, two University of Puerto Rico students were stopped while attempting to "blow up" the antennas of WRIK TV in Maravilla Hill in Jayuya PR. Their weapons; lighter fluid and BBQ brisquets. Where did they get their brilliant idea? From a undercover cop who led them to that place. But the police instead of arresting them, executed them. That's right, they were brought to their knees and shot in their heads. Arnaldo Dario Rosado y Carlos Soto Arriví became two of the most famous martyrs in long fight for the independence of our island.

The 25th of July. For some a celebration of their US citizenship, for others a celebration of their non-existing status and for some a grim reminder that their struggle continues and that ideals means the shedding of blood, even if they want a bloodless independence, the fools.

Prostitution Day, Colony Day, Martyrs Day. Take your pick, and enjoy.

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