Wednesday, November 26, 2008

80 killed in coordinated terrorists attacks on Mumbai

CNN is reporting this as an ongoing story as unconfirmed reports say that terrorists have taken hostages in hotels around the city, hurling hand granades from rooftops. Police are battling them.

This was the report filed by ABC-Reuters earlier...

Police in India's financial capital Mumbai say up to 80 people may have been killed and over 200 wounded in a series of attacks around the main railway station and two five-star hotels.

Maharahstra state police chief, A.N. Roy, says unknown terrorists fired automatic rifles and threw hand grenades weapons indiscriminately, adding that they are still in several places.

Two of the attackers were shot dead on the beach front and there are unconfirmed reports gunmen may have taken hostages.

Several people were shot dead in the luxury Taj Mahal hotel in the Colaba district, and the lobby of another five-star hotel nearby, the Oberoi, was also hit.

Gunmen opened fire at several locations in Mumbai's popular tourist district.

One of the men armed with an assault rifle stormed the lobby of the Taj Palace Hotel.

Several people were shot and killed in a similar attack at Mumbai's central railway station and at a restaurant popular with tourists.

There were also shots fired and reports of blasts at the Oberoi Hotel.

Smoke has been seen rising from the building and police have surrounded the area, saying the gunmen appear to be inside.

The wounded have been taken to local hospitals.

This looks as the same assholes acting on the will of some invisible man that tells them to kill in it's name!

The world will be a better place without religion!

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