Thursday, November 6, 2008

My candidate lost...I'm killing myself!!!!

In a very strange case of stupidity and a couple of drinks, two men who were rooting for candidate Anibal Acevedo Vilá of the PDP to win, decided that they wanted to commit their own version of "seppuku", a Japanese ritualized form of suicide to save face and honor, rather than live in a world ruled by Luis Fortuño and his NPP minions.

The incident happened on a rural town in Aguada, in the western part of PR, as Modesto Jiménez Acevedo, 61 and his nephew Josué Cabrera Jiménez, 26 watched as the PDP leader concede defeat, they decided that death was a more preferable alternative than living with the people they detested. They armed themselves with a kitchen knife and Modesto knifed himself in the stomach. When Josué saw this, he interjected "That's not the way to do it!" and proceded to wound himself in the stomach several times.

Family members learned of the plight of these fanatics when their pleas for help were heard, as they realized that their little stunt might actually kill them. Both were taken to a local hospital, and were interned in stable condition. Police is investigating this strange case, but is doubtful that any charges will be filed.

Man, killing yourself is a stupid decision. But killing yourself for a politician? WTF????

Might as well kill yourself in the name of Spongebob Squarepants or Hello Kitty!

Oh wait...I think people in Japan have already done that in the name of the almighty Kitty... sorry, my bad!

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Panda Snacks! said...

Really is Fortuño that bad! Can't you move to Florida or something? Jeez! Politics to the EXTREME!!!