Thursday, November 27, 2008

Mumbai Attacks - 125 dead. City under siege.

The Taj Majal and the Oberoi hotel are still under siege. According to SKY News, BBC and CNN, new fires and shooting has broken out in the aforementioned hotels, the Victoria Train Station and the Leopold Cafe, where is believed that dozens of terrorists are still holed up with hostages.

125 people are confirmed dead, including 6 foreigners, 13 policemen and the chief of the anti- terrorist unit in Mumbai. 9 terrorists are confirmed killed, 12 are detained. More than 300 persons have been injured and taken to nearby hospitals. It is unknown how many terrorists participated in the attacks that targeted 10 places in the city that are popular with tourists and foreigners, including movie theaters, hospitals and cafes.

The group Deccan Mujahideen have claimed responsibity for the attacks. A very little known group, it's believed that they have ties to Al Quaeda.

Pakistan president has condemned the attacks calling them barbaric.

Both president Bush and president-elect Barack Obama have strongly condemned the attacks.

Still 24 hours after this started, it shows no signs of abating!

UPDATE- A new gun battle has been reported on the Oberoi hotel. And Indian police say they have found a cel phone property of one of the terrorists that has info on other terrorists and video of the attacks.

This situation is still evolving!!!

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