Monday, November 10, 2008

The SMURFS made me do it!!!!

You can't make this s$#@ up!!!

HAILEY - Hailey Police say a woman battered a security guard, took off her clothes, punched two officers and bit a deputy. Now, Lori Brutsche-Ely, 41, faces several charges.

Hailey Police Chief Jeff Gunter tells NewsChannel 7 Brutsche-Ely was intoxicated Halloween night at the Chester Jakes restaurant in the Mint Bar when she got out of control.

Gunter says when the security guard called police -- she took off her clothes in the bar. When officers approached her, Gunter says she punched one of them in the chest.

The Idaho Mountain Express reports that once she got to the jail, Brutsche-Ely bit a deputy and also managed to set off a fire sprinkler, causing her jail cell to flood.

Brutsche-Ely is charged with four counts of battery, obstructing and resisting arrest and indecent exposure. She has bonded out of jail.

And what did you do on Halloween?

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