Thursday, February 12, 2009

Going where no corset has gone before!

Evening Arwen, an intimate apparel company, has launched a new line of corsets inspired by "Star Trek: The Next Generation".

Quoth their website...

This corset is designed after the Star Trek: Next Generation jumpsuits. The fabric was cut in the asymmetrical design and then pieced together.

Inside the corset is flatlined to coutil and lined with black cotton. The fashion fabric is also cotton.

The boning used is European Steel and they have been attached to the lining so you don't see the stitching on the fashion fabric. The black grommets are hammered through a lacing bone and the ribbon is black double sided satin.

Though a unique corset for sure and geared toward any of you SciFi fans out there, I hope all enjoy this inspired corset as it was a lot of fun to make!

A must for any junior officer who wants to impress it's captain, cosplayer who wants to portray the naughty side of "Star Trek" or wife/GF who wants to tear away their Geek husband/BF from their TV sets and compell them to go "where no man has gone before"

Mainly, to take out the trash!

If you feel that you must have this item, you can order it from here!

This is an item that Captain Archer, Kirk and Sisko would have approved!
Picard...well...Janeway...she's into Chakotay!

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