Friday, December 19, 2008

Beware of Little Brother too!

If you have been following or reading my blog, you know my penchant for voicing my disapproval of governments infringing on citizens rights on the Internet, so called "Big Brother" tactics ("1984" anyone?).
Don't get me wrong, I'm all for getting rid of perverts and child pornographers, they use the anonymity of the Web to commit crimes, but why go after a couple that post photos of themselves during sex on a private web site, or a nice, legal teenage girl that has a nude, paysite that is unreachable to minors, because she needs the money? Or a person that makes cartoon sex, on the pretense that is Child Pron, like they did in Nazi Australia recently. That's is abusive and stupid. Big Brother doesn't realize sometimes that's part of the appeal of the Internet, the flow of free ideas, even if those ideas are not your cup of tea! But sometimes, the denizens of the Web can be even worse than any goverment on Earth!

Submitted for your approval, the strange case of the Chinese virtual lynch mob!

BEIJING (Reuters) - A man who lost his job and was harassed by strangers after his infidelity to his late wife was detailed online has won China's first case against Internet vigilantism, the China Daily said on Friday.

A Beijing court ruled Wang Fei's reputation had been damaged by his late wife's university classmate, Zhang Leyi, who posted online the diary excerpts she wrote months before she killed herself, and by the internet company that hosted the comments.

"As Zhang was spreading the details of the affair, he also gave out details of Wang's real name, name of his company and even family addresses, which infringed the plaintiff's privacy rights," the chief judge said.

More on this news here!

Little Brother can be as annoying as the big guy!

Remember, even if you are a public figure, you have a right to your privacy! Don't let anybody take that away from you!

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