Saturday, December 27, 2008

Merry Christmas to all! Now you all gonna DIE!!!!!

The Silly Season continues to collect victims!!!

COVINA, Calif. — A California man who carried out a Christmas Eve massacre and arson dressed as Santa at the home of his former in-laws apparently intended to flee to Canada but his plans were dashed after the inferno he created severely burned his arms and melted his costume onto his body, police said Friday.

Bruce Jeffrey Pardo, a laid-off aerospace worker, apparently shot some of his nine victims execution-style in a plot to destroy his ex-wife’s family after a costly divorce that was finalized last week. He had an airline ticket for a Christmas morning flight to Canada and $17,000 in cash on his body, some attached to his legs with plastic wrap and some in a girdle, Covina police Chief Kim Raney said. He did not know the Canadian destination.

Armed with four guns, wearing the Santa suit and carrying a fuel-spraying device wrapped like a present, Pardo showed up at the home at 11:30 p.m. local time Wednesday as a party of about 25 people was underway.

Raney said Pardo, 45, fired a shot into the face of an eight-year-old girl who answered the door and at first fired indiscriminately, then apparently targetted relatives of his ex-wife as other guests fled.

“There’s some information that he stood over them and shot them execution-style,” Raney said.

Pardo retreated to the front door and retrieved a device that mixed carbon dioxide or oxygen with high-octane racing fuel, police said. Fleeing guests saw him spraying the fuel inside the house when the vapour was ignited, possibly by a pilot light or a candle, and exploded.

“Mr. Pardo was severely injured during that explosion,” Raney said.

“He suffered third-degree burns on both arms and it also appears that the Santa Claus suit that he was wearing did melt onto his body.”

Pardo was able to drive to his brother’s home in the Sylmar area of Los Angeles, broke in and shot himself in the head. His brother discovered the body early Thursday.

More on this sordid story here!

This is what happens when the economy is destroyed and you want people to carry on as if nothing has happened!

If the freaking bailout would have helped people instead of the bankers and fat cats, maybe this tragedy could have been avoided!

Maybe we should begin celebrating Festivus from now on!

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