Tuesday, December 16, 2008

If its Goya, it has to be...a human ear?

While looking for black panthers in Cupey and cute chibi cosplayers in San Juan, this news came as a surprise.

Juana Hernandez was getting ready to prepare dinner for her family in her Carolina home, when she opened a can of Goya tomato sauce. To her surprise, she found something that resembled a human ear.

A human ear.

You read right.

Immediately police and forensics were called and took the "ear" away for analysis.

No word yet from the authorities on whether the thing actually is human in origin.

Meanwhile, the family hired an attorney and made a statement to Goya to re-check their procedures and to investigate.

Humm! Cooked ear for supper!


UPDATE - 12-17-08

It was not a human ear, it was identified as a fungus ball! Not as cool, but unappetizing never the less.

Photo: Patricia Ortiz / Primera Hora

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