Saturday, December 13, 2008

Wolverine to host the Oscars?

Yup! This sounds like a desperation move to me.

After last year's disappointing performance by John Stewart, that resulted in the lowest ratings ever for the telecast, the Academy of Motion Pictures, Arts and Sciences have asked Hugh Jackman, actor, singer and dancer, best known for his roles in the X-Men series as Wolverine, to host the 81st Academy Awards in Hollywood on Feb. 22nd of next year.

The Academy says that a "new look and a new direction is needed".

In other words, the have fallen behind in the times!

The couldn't capture the younger audience they want!

They say, and I quote, "There will be more emphasis in dance and song this time."

Get ready to see crappy Oscars next year!

I don't dislike Hugh Jackman as a host, he has been a great host at the Tony Awards for theater, and will give some glamour back at the ceremony that was lacking in the last few years. But if the Academy wanted a new direction, why don't they try this method...

Nominate movies that actually people watch!!!!

Look at the Golden Globes this year, they have nominated a lot of art films that have bombed at the box office.

Can somebody say what film was this year's top performer?

That's right class..."The Dark Knight"!

How many nominations for the GG's? One for Heath Ledger.

BORING!!!! Bet your sweet bippy I'm not watching that old fart snooze fest!!!

If the Oscars are going that way, in ten years, they'll be gone from TV.

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