Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Silly Season turns deadly in Puerto Rico

If you have a problem with a parking spot in a mall here in PR, let it go! Looked what happened to this guy.

Damian Fernández Rodríguez, 25, went to Plaza las Americas in San Juan to exchange some tennis shoes. Allegedly, he got into an altercation with a yet unidentified individual or individuals. Leaving his pregnant girlfriend in the car, he went inside. After coming out, he was pursued by the individuals and was shot within distance of his own car. The murderers escaped but last night the car they were riding was impounded. Identification and arrest of the persons behind this crime is imminent.

Meanwhile in Bayamón, Eliezer Omar Encarnación Alicea, 13, was playing "hide and go seek" near his house, when he decided to hide in a nearby house, not knowing that it was an underground drug laboratory. The occupants inside, fearing that it was an attack by a rival gang, shot and hit Eliezer in the chest, killing him instantly. They fled and are on the run.

Just my two cents here. There's only two solutions for the drug problem that taker Eliezer and hundreds of young lives each year. Either we legalize drugs and the government takes over the drug trade and cuts the middle man, or we become a ultra right Fascist government and kill all drug dealers.

Either way, these are two alternatives that we lazy-ass Puertorricans are unable to come to grip with or implement. We are too complacent in our stupid consumerist lives to actually give a damn.

Puerto Rico on Christmas, island in flames! Enjoy!

Photo: Heriberto Castro / Primera Hora

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