Friday, December 12, 2008

The perfect Christmas gift...

After sad news, it's good to come back to outrageousness and laughter.

Here's a Christmas gift that should be included in every list...

A Lego-style figurine resembling an Islamic terrorist strapped with explosives and made by a small American company has caused an uproar among Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

The controversial miniature figure, created by Seattle-based Will Chapman as part of his BrickArms military fighters line, is a bearded militant with a face-covering hood, a tiny toy assault rifle, a little grenade launcher and plastic bombs that can be attached to an explosives belt.

The character is called "Bandit — Mr. White" and sells for $14.

The jarring toy has outraged the British Muslim organization known as the Ramadhan Foundation, which called the figurine "absolutely disgusting," according to Sky News.

The foundation's chief executive, Mohammed Shafiq, complained that the toy is "glorifying terrorism."

More on this item here!

C'mon! Admit it! It's freaking cute!!!

I'm getting one, you infidels!!!

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