Monday, June 29, 2009

Billy Mays cause of death- heart disease not head injury!

Doctors have ruled out the previous claims that legendary pitchman Billy Mays passed away on Sunday due to a head injury.

Dr. Vernard Adams, the Hillsborough County Medical Examiner responsible for the preliminary examination, believes that Mays death was caused by heart disease.

There was "no evidence" of any sort of head trauma from Mays' rough plane landing, rather there was "evidence of hypertensive heart disease and muscular thickening of the heart wall."

Dr. Adams has reason to believe the OxiClean pitchman died suddenly in his sleep and that "sudden death is not uncommon" when it comes to heart disease.

The toxicology reports from Mays' autopsy should be ready in 8 to 10 weeks, but Dr. Adams doesn't think prescription drug played a role in Billy's death.

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Sings-With-Spirits said...

Yes, it was natural causes... or was it?

BTW, Anthony Sullivan established... er... has an airtight alibi...