Thursday, June 4, 2009

Carradine's death now ruled "Accidental"! WTF!

It looks that early reports of David Carradine's death as a suicide could have been wrong!

The star of the 1970s TV series Kung Fu was found hanged and naked in a wardrobe in his hotel room by a maid.

Chuck Binder, his personal spokesperson, described his death as 'accidental'.

'He was found hanging by a rope in the room's closet,' Lieutenant Colonel Pirom Jantrapirom of the Lumpini police station in Bangkok said.

He said Carradine's body was naked when it was found and there were no signs of any other people in the room. The rope was around his neck and parts of his body, police were quoted as saying.

The body has been transferred to a hospital for an autopsy.

Thai police told the BBC that Carradine had been found by a hotel maid.

It looks that David was a practicioner of a very bizarre sex act called Erotic Auto Axphysia, in which the person reaches orgasam by strangling him or herself. It is said that the lack of oxygen makes for a more profound experience.

Profound indeed!

Please don't try this at home kids!


Sings-With-Spirits said...

CNN confirmed that there was a separate cord tied around his genitals. So, yeah, "other body parts" were involved.

The caveat applies: "Don't try this at home kiddies... we're morons!"

Now, this has been boiling in me since yesterday:

It saddens me when all these people that I knew and admired from my early days die... the world is poorer without their talent and their loss is everybody's loss.

But these were old people, with all the ailments that come with age. For some, death was a welcome release from years of suffering from terrible diseases, and for others it came as a surprise, but we all knew that whatever else, they "died well" and their families and friends can get over the loss with time and with each other.

But when someone dies like this it pisses me off. I was kind of angry when I had heard that it was suicide, but knowing that it may have been AEA just makes me livid!

What? Michael Hutchence's stupid death wasn't enough? At least Michael Hutchence was good-looking! We can imagine him looking like an idiot hanging from his belt in a jerk-off position behind his hotel room door and giggle at the mental image... but David Carradine???

Do we really need the mental image of Bill Caine hanging inside a closet with yellow nylon cord around his privates?

That's just plain creepy.

If you want to get off while away from home, get a hooker. Thailand has plenty of them in all price ranges and for all tastes.

If Carradine had paid a pretty Thai hooker to strangle him for kicks, he'd still be alive today and not serving as a nominee for the 2009 Darwin Awards.

Maxarathiel Les'Shyerar said...